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I got heartburn bad while pg with my first and suffered with it for 16 yrs.

Finally went on a generic prescription prilosec drug. The reflux was so bad, and getting worse, and cutting out most acidic foods did not help.

My chiro had me try a trick. It didn't work for me but it may for you. He said that when you are pg, your uterus can push up on your stomach actually pushing your stomach up a little bit above you diaphragm, and then your stomach acids can run freely into your esophagus.

My first child was over 10 lbs and definitely crowded my stomach.

So, to pull your stomach back down, even 1/4 inch may help. He said people have had success with this: first thing in the morning, drink 16 oz of water. Then, jump up and down for 2 mins. Repeat the next day.

Maybe it will work for you b/c you had your baby recently?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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