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I know how you feel, I have Barrett's Esophagitis so I deal with these symptoms normally (meaning while not preggo). I'm usually on Nexium, but stopped that when TTC (and pregnant then nursing etc). During pregnancy I avoid: tomatoes (and anything derived from them, sauce, salsa etc), onions, citrus, garlic, spicy foods. I also take Maalox, liquid, not pills, if I'm having an "episode". I only do that at night though. I also sleep with two pillows propping up my head; if you lay flat the acid just builds back up into your esophagus and it's pure hell. Eat small, frequent meals during the day. My OB said I could take Zantac 75, but I haven't needed to do that yet (I'm at 33 weeks).

FWIW, all I've read said heartburn during pregnancy is common because all of your digestive functioning gets squished by the baby. I felt *much* better with my daughter once she dropped prior to delivery and then felt fine after delivery (until about 6 months later when my Barrett's symptoms came back!) So I hope having the baby will be your cure.

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