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Ack -- how come we can't get toddler on DH's back in a wrap?

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So we got our new Didymos, and it's beautiful. But we're feeling frustrated. DH keeps trying to wear our 2 and 1/2 year old on his back (using Rucksack and/or Tibetan directions from mamatoto), and it just doesn't seem to work. It won't stay under his butt at all; it rides up his back, and DH feels like he's going to fall off. Are you really supposed to tuck it under them? (I'm talking about the initial "wrap", not the criss-crosses, if that makes sense.)

Any advice?
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YOu know sometimes you just need different instructions to look at. Here is one of my favorites:

Also, in order for their butt to stay in you have to create a little pouch for their butts to stay in. One way to do this is to make sure that their legs are in the right position to start with. Their legs need to be in a froggy type position (so their butt is lower than their knees...imagine when you sling your dc onto your hip, that is the position you want their legs to be on your back too). I do this by kind of hiking up their legs into this position, then bringing the bottom rail all the way to their knees. Then pull on that rail so it is tight (not super tight though). then i stick one tail b/w my legs and tighten the other making sure the top and bottom rail are tight, stick that b/w my legs and tighten the other tail., then do the rest. Does this make sense at all? Most of all it takes practice
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