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We got our first medium AIO from LHC when dd was about 12 pounds. It worked then and still works great for us. She is up to about 16 pounds now and still wears it on the smallest snap setting.

As far as woven or knit goes, knits are a little stretchier, but I really like the woven we chose. The woven fabrics are more colorful and do hold up very well with repeated washing.

Microfleece or velour? She does mention that the velour tends to wick. So I chose the micro and have been very happy with it.

Since you said your little one is a heavy wetter, I recommend the hemp soaker. Hemp is very absorbant. I also like the two snap in soaker option. It is very trim and yet still absorbant.

To top the soaker, I went with the microfleece again because it lets the moisture pass through it but then feels dryer on baby.

These are all just my opinions, YMMV, but we
our LHC AIO!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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