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I have been told this is a pretty common phase, but am hoping for some more information about how you handled it and how long it lasted. DD is 2 1/2, and has always had a bit of the "no" in her, but lately it has really escalated. She now gets very agitated asking for something, then immediately wanting the opposite. It's not like wanting milk and then water, when I could reasonably give her both, but more like she demands we go outside to play right now, but as soon as we start putting on her shoes, she simply MUST go in the living room to play blocks. Then once we're in the living room, "Go outside and play now!" All accompanied by tears, flailing about, etc.

The other night was the worst. She wanted a snack before bedtime and finished some leftover mac and cheese and wanted to save the rest. Once we got up to the bedroom to get ready, she screamed for the rest of the mac and cheese, rather than the egg we had brought upstairs at her request. When I finally went down to get it, she said, triumphantly, "I MADE Mommy get mac and cheese."

I'm finding this very difficult to deal with. Constructive ideas are most welcome!
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