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I'm trying to find the April TTA thread, it seems kind of silly to post to the Feb thread on April 16th

Anyway, I used to chart to TTA quite effectively for a while, and then I was celibate for over 2 years. I got lazy with the charting, and my celibacy ended 2 days ago. In the heat of the moment, we forgot all about the condoms I'd bought.

Um, now what? What are my chances of conceiving? If I recall correctly, I got AF on April 1st or 2nd. My cervix seems high right now but I haven't really noticed any CM. I've got sore boobs, but those seem to kind of come and go anyway, and I've been wearing a new bra, so that might explain it. And now lack of sleep is going to completely throw off any signs or symptoms- it's past 5:30 AM and I haven't been able to sleep yet.
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Nobody has any advice for me? Comforting words of wisdom? Straightjacket?
i always have comforting words for you... but no advice

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No straightjacket either?
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anything for you!
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Well, when you were charting, at what point in your cycle did you normally O? Are you generally aware of ovulation now, with either o pain or cm? If you think you've already ovulated (before 2 days ago) then you're in the clear, right? Your chances are probably not very high, but it does sound like the possibility is there.

Here is the thread you're looking for...

You can't find it cuz I really messed up the title somehow
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I wasn't charting because I didn't really expect anything to happen. I haven't taken my basal temp in years and I no longer have a working thermometer. I mostly went by CM and CP in the past because those don't have to be recorded first thing in the morning, and my sleep has always been erratic. I most definitely did NOT O before Friday night- I wasn't seeing the EWCM or have any kind of O pain (which I don't always get.) I'm now feeling some achiness on the left side, kind of near my ovary, but that could just be some GI issues (it's Passover, remember?
) My breasts are also feeling kind of sore but that could be from my new bra (maybe it doesn't fit quite right? It's not stretched out like my old ones) or it could be in response to nipple stimulation- DS has very recently weaned and it's not unusual for me to feel slightly engorged and uncomfortable the day after he nurses after not nursing in several days or weeks. DS wasn't the one doing the "nursing" but it might be a similar reaction. I'm also feeling kind of achey and crampy in my pelvis and thighs, but that could be from my Fibromyalgia, from all the walking I've been doing because it's finally nice out, from the new "activity" or a combination of all those things. I do feel kind of "PMSy" but that might or might not mean I've ovulated. It might just mean I'm feeling achey and bitchy.
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Wow Ruth, I don't know what to tell you! I guess if I were in your shoes, I'd probably stress out, and try to reassure myself that chances are low! If you wait about 18 days since you had sex, and your period hasn't come, you could take a test...
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