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Action Alert: OPRAH show...

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"it comes from one little circumcised boy...He'll have a lot to talk about on the couch when he's older..." One of her anti-aging experts on the show today advocating collagen growth factor creams...

Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

Now you don't need a facelift to look years younger says Dr. Pat Wexler, one of the most sought-after dermatologists in the country.

First, Are You a Sinker or a Sagger?
Sinkers tend to see changes in their 20s such as crows feet, lines around the lips and on the cheeks. Saggers see fat drifting downwards over time; the jaw line squares, fat pads appear under the eyes, the brow line flattens.

Can fat actually make you look younger? According to Dr. Wexler, if you're a sinker, fat taken from your upper leg and injected into your face can fill out your cheeks and give you a lift.

The "Miracle" Anti-Aging Cream
Dr. Wexler says there is such thing as a miracle anti-aging cream…and it's sunscreen. Look for Parsol, a new ingredient in sunscreen that protects against the UVA and UVB rays that cause cancer and aging. Dr. Wexler recommends a minimum of SPF 30 if you're going to be outdoors.

Other Treatments
ThermaCool, the new "lunchtime facelift," doesn't require you to go under the knife and has no recovery time. Very deep volumes of energy are delivered to the deep layers of the skin, which tightens collagen. Dr. Wexler says jaw lines get tighter just like a neck lift; around the eyes brows lift and crows feet are reduced. Dr. Wexler says results are not immediate-you can usually see full results in three to six months with just one treatment.

Botox ® is also used for brow lifts, to tighten necklines and upper lids, and to get rid of crows feet. However, Dr. Wexler cautions that too much Botox® can make you look frozen and inexpressive.

Dr. Wexler also mentioned a new product that boosts collagen production and can rejuvenate skin called TNS Recovery Complex. TNS is comprised from six natural human growth factors found in normal healthy skin. Dr. Wexler told us the factors are engineered from human foreskin!

Related Information:

Dr. Pat Wexler is a cosmetic dermatologist based in New York. Call 212-684-2626.

Visit to learn more about ThermaCool.

Visit to learn more about TNS Recovery Complex.

From the show How to Stop the Clock on Aging


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Let's email Oprah, call Dr Wexler, and post on the messageboard for this show topic!


Here's my letter:

Dear Oprah,

On today's show, "How To Stop The Clock On Aging", Dr. Wexler ironically listed TNS Recovery Complex as an alternative to plastic surgery. However, she went on to explain that the human growth factors it contains have been derived from the foreskin of infant boys as a result of circumcision.

Circumcision is a completely elective, cosmetic surgery here in the US, performed on non-consenting minors at the request of their parents most often for social reasons denying them their right to genital integrity...a basic human right.

Here in American we are horrified by the stories of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) perpetuated against little girls, while continuing to routinely circumcise perfectly healthy newborn boys for many times shockingly similar reasons.

It is disturbing to me that not only circumcision was brought up so casually on your show, but also that your show was used to advocate and publicize a product that is so ethically corrupt.

Circumcision is a serious issue, which denies children their right to whole, intact bodies.

Please, take a stand on this issue of human rights, genital integrity, and gender equality.


Jennifer ******
Washington, USA
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Good Letter. Would she host a show on "The Case Against Circumcision"?
I am composing a letter as well. Thanks for the heads-up Jen. We cut the cable a few weeks ago and now I know why we don't miss it

I wrote an email and posted on the message board for that show (yes, I was already a member)

thanks again Jen
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I think this is a rerun--she's had "TNS recovery" on her show before. I emailed her about it and she didn't respond. This is why I hardly ever watch Oprah any more. How would she feel if we were using the genitals of little girls in face cream?
Well, write again... maybe if all of us write, the letter readers (you do know she doesn't have time to read her own email?) will take notice and bring it to her attention. She has never been the mother of a baby boy, so unless someone else tells her, she may not be any more aware of this issue than I was 2 years ago.

Write and tell everyone you know to write. Frank and (you, the other guy who is so eloquant) she really needs to hear from you guys...
I did write and asked where her ethics had been detoured to. I wonder how she would respond if it were little African girl's genital parts and it were American men who were using them as an "age cheater."

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