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Activism with Children

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Nicholas and I went to the NYC Nurse In Monday, and now I am hooked. What activism do you do with your small ones? I would love info on resources, causes, including little ones in activism, whatever you've got- let me have it!
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I took my girls to NYC too, my 5 yr old has been scribbling "letters" while saying aloud, "We like bf in public, if you don't, then don't look." So cute!! She is such the little activist! I think it's great that we're showing them how strong their voices can be, but a little part of me wonders if I'm exposing them to the "darkside" of things....I'm wondering if their lives should be more carefree - I don't know, I go back & forth.
I guess when it comes down to it, I'd rather raise an "aware" human being than someone with the "ignorance is bliss" mentality.
We are trying to fight a new Wal-Mart Supercenter here. I take DS#1 to town meetings. We sit in the back so I can explain to him what is going on without being disruptive. He has written a letter to the planning commission, in his own words, explaining his opinion.

When he is a little older, I am going to teach him how to write a Letter to the Editor in the local newspaper.

I would take him to a nurse-in as well, but there haven't been any in our area.
when DD was in 6 grade, we stopped buying Proctor & Gamble products b/c of the heinous animal testing they do.
So, armed with out P & G product list, we'd go shopping.
Well, she started posting the list in all her classes & passing out the info to all her friends.
DD actually got all her friends to switch beauty products. etc.

We do not support anything that involves animal testing, vivesection, etc.

Oh, she is also an intactivist & pro b/f'ing.
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I've co-created Breastfeeding Awareness Day so that my daughters won't have to experience the negativity surrounding breastfeeding in public.

When I was in NYC (where I got to meet guerillamama!! lucky, lucky me!)
she showed me this awesome publication:
I brought my two sons to a rally to protest Bush during the election and also brought them to see Jon Edwards speak. It was alot of fun and I felt I was teaching a very valuable lesson, to stick up for your beliefs!!
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Well nothing too much happens around here. But I take babe to Pride, anti war protests, a pro-choice demo last week, really anything interesting that's happening she goes with me.
So, what measures do you take to make sure you are "safe"?
We make sure to stay away from anything non-peaceful or threatening. Sometimes there are those who are "in your face" whether they are for or against what we are there for. I make sure we act respectfully and are away from any situation that seems uncomfortable.
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