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Heyla mamas!

So, here's the story...I gave birth last week and a 4th degree tear along with my newborn has slowed me down a little (okay, slowed me down a lot
). DD1 is 26mo and very active. She loves the new babe but has been acting out a lot more since it's obviously a jumbled and confusing time in our home and because her usual (very outdoor/active) routine has changed since I can't keep up with her.

She used to run around the park for a few hours each day, or go to the Science Center or Farmer's Market. We'd take long walks before nap time and wear her out a bit. But with the tear I can't walk/run/lift her on playground equipment and I'm not comfy taking the brand new babe to crowded places (not to mention if dd1 decided to run off or have a meltdown I couldn't keep up with her or carry her someplace quieter). I'm on my own with them during the day and hiring help isn't an option.

I hate that I'm using the TV as a distraction, and can't stand the thought of pumping this much TV into dd1 for much longer. But I'm running out of ways to interest/entertain/distract her! We don't have a yard (and she's tired of the water table and sandbox on our porch), she doesn't have room to run in the house, and she isn't napping or sleeping well as a result.

Any ideas for activities that would engage or amuse a 2yo that can be done with mama sitting very carefully in an arm chair nursing a newborn?


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^Mmmm... DD LOVES her tent, it came with a collapsable tunnel too! She plays in them for hours!

Have you checked your local community centers? Ours have indoor playgrounds... you could sit while she plays in a contained area.

Any neighborhood tweens who are getting out of school & could play with your DD while you take a nap with your newborn?

Try not to feel bad about TV watching... it will only last for a while & you'll fall into your new routine!
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