Actress Olivia Wilde is well-known for her commitment to her family and the earth. She's recently partnered with Dunkin' Donuts, who has created a tiny home that runs on coffee. Literally.

"America runs on coffee" has been the slogan of Dunkin' Donuts for quite a while. But now, they're bringing that to light in a very literal way, and environmental activist and actress Olivia Wilde is helping to spread the good news about the earth-saving adventure.

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Last month, the company announced it was dropping 'Donuts' from its name, saying that the company wanted to focus on specialty beverages including coffees and teas, and now, with the announcement of the 'fuel' used for a newly built Tiny House being coffee? Seems like they're ready to take the plunge.

And, they're bringing actress and environmental activist and mama Olivia Wilde along for the ride. The chain just created a tiny house that is run on coffee and asked Wilde to design the interior decor. The tiny home is definitely not your average little house; it features slate countertops and a farmhouse sink in its very modern kitchen.


Wilde says that she loves the concept Dunkin has when it partnered with Blue Marble Biomaterials and New Frontier Tiny Homes to make the house as sustainable as it could be. The 275-square-foot house will be a vacation destination in Nahant, Massachusetts, where it will use 65,000 pounds of excess coffee grinds to power its generator.

She also said that partnering with Dunkin for this project was a no-brainer since it used innovative technology and a small footprint. The most intriguing aspect of the house for Wilde, though, was the fact that the biofuel was made from spun coffee grounds. Wilde prides herself in studying alternative fuel sources and says she always looks for alternative materials for sustainability on the earth.

In a recent article, Wilde said that she tries to keep the products that go near her kids and herself non-toxic and she pays attention to eco-friendly practices and her family's carbon footprint. She says that when it comes to looking to reduce carbon footprint, the key is to remember balance and taking baby steps as we move toward more sustainable lives. Attempting to take better steps is a step in the right direction.

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So, if you're looking to take a tiny step, you can watch for the next time you can rent this house on AirBNB for only $10 a night. As you can imagine, it's already full for the first round of reservations.

In the meantime, there's always coffee to keep you warm!