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Shift key is missing, so to save my sanity the rest of the post isn't going to have caps. Sorry!<br><br>
we are looking at options for rachel within the next few months to a year for preschool. nature's way isn't accepting apps for her age range for next year, garden montessori has a waiting list, and we are not totally decided on mountain song, but we have a request in for more information.<br><br>
those of you that use church based preschools, can you please share where and what type of learning environment is present. we are agnostic and belong to a unitarian universalist church that does not offer preschool. we're very much into gentle discipline, and don't even use time outs... so that's a huge factor for me. i would also like a learning environment, we aren't looking for a mother's day out program or a daycare environment. part-time is likely what we would use right now.<br><br>
any suggestions?!
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