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actual store in Portland to buy cool slings?

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My question is just that...are there any stores in/around Portland that might sell a cool sling or even, dare I wonder out loud, a mei tai?

Any suggestions welcome! We're likely taking a little overnight trip down there tomorrow (15/16th), and would love to find something cool while there.

Thank you!
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Mother Nature's for sure has some, I think Moby, Maya, Ergo and, hmm, one other, can't think of what.
Milagro might, Generations might.
2900 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97214
Thank you!

Well, we only got a chance to go to Mother Nature's. Lovely store, we bought some Kushies.
But the only mei tai-ish carrier they had was the Ergo. As nice as I'm sure the Ergo is, as soon as I saw how many clips and buckles it had, I nearly hyperventilated.
I'm just not that into clips and buckles!

So I talked to the owner for a LONG time about, about, and maybe I opened her eyes to a less high-tech (or as I see it, American) way of carrying babies...
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