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Acupuncture - Waltham area?

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Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist in the area? My friend is looking to improve her chances of conceiving following a miscarriage.

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The Domar Center in Waltham offers fertility-based accupuncture services among other things. They are attached to BostonIVF though, so I'm not sure if non-patients can use their services:
Fertile Garden :: Acupuncture for Fertility and Wellness in Brookline

or Jennifer Anders, in Brighton ("Her specialty is women's health with a passion for enhancing women's fertility") 617.480.1998
There is also the Cambridge Acupuncture Associates. The Cambridge location is next to the Cambridge Birth Center so the woman, Lei does a lot of fertility work.
Mona Stein in Cambridge is fanastic! She is located on Reservoir St.
Try Tamie Bilazzo in Lexington -
i know that karen st laurent from moody street total health has done enrichment meetings about chiropractic care from pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy, birth, to postpartum - but that's all i know. it certainly sounds like she has experience in that area, but i don't know her or anyone who's had care with her. someone to check out, though, perhaps.

i use cat thibault at main street chiropractic (LOVE that whole practice
), and she's offered me some interesting insights on my charts and what we need to work on. no baby yet, but i do know that she's helped several women achieve pregnancy in the past, so
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