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i just wanted to share that i was having terrible issues with a crazy cycle, severe PMS and trying (but not able) to get pregnant for over a year and then i got some acupuncture.

i did get pregnant after 5 treatments. i had a miscarrige amost 4 weeks ago, but went back for more acupuncture and have been tracking my cycle very closely and am happy to say i ovualted on friday! YAY... obviously it had helped my cycle become more regular. i was terrified that after the m/c it would be forever before my cycles started again, but nope, right as rain.

i'm very happy with the results, though they are subtle sometimes... the big fat spike in my temp showed me that it's really helping.
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I'm TTC and am interested in acupuncture; I've not had it done before.

Can I ask you a few questions?
-How often do you get a treatment?
-I know we're talking about needles, so I expect some pain, but is it mild, in your opinion, or painful enough for you to want the visit to be finished as quickly as possible.
- Do you go to an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility help, or just a general practioner for balancing your body as a whole?

Thanks! There are a couple of acupuncturists in my area that I'll be contacting in my area....

I'm sorry to hear about your thoughts are with you..
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I just got pregnant with acupuncture too. Can't say enough great stuff about it!

I went once a week, and then right before and right after ovulation. I went to an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and birth, but I think it would be fine to go to anyone (especially if they've had experience working with pregnant or ttc women before). It is not painful, IMO, but I guess some people think it hurts when the needles go in. For me, sometimes I wouldn't feel it at all, sometimes it would feel like a little prick or twang. But then you don't feel the needles once they're in, and it is a very pleasant experience to lie there with the needles in. I would often feel full of energy and kind of like my body was floating.

I highly recommend the book, "The infertility Cure" since it is all about acupuncture and Traditional chinese medicine helping you get pregnant!

Good luck!

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my acupuncturist suggested 4-6 treatments. i went 5 times and then got pregnant. make sure you keep him/her updated on the status of your cycle (as in i just ovulated, my period started yesterday, i might be pregnant etc.).

it does not hurt. the needles should not hurt, if they do they need to be adjusted. the treatments are sometimes ummm... how do i explain this... energetically intense sometimes... if you have never had energy healing before it can be a "skincrawling" sensation. or it can be like the way a held breath feels when you let go of it... it's different for everyone, but releasing energy blockages that cause imblances can be uncomfortable. i think i felt it becuase i am sensitive to energy. i have had lot sof energy healing and worked wirh energy healing for over 10 years. most people don't feel much of anything.

there are no "specialists" in my area, i'm lucky to have such a skilled acupuncturist as it is. but he didn't seem to think helping me was an issue. any good acupunturist should be able to help you. just make sure you get a recommendation, some chinese doctors can be pretty intense in their methods of being you back into balance. i friend of mine when to a guy from china and she couldn't see for 40 minutes after her treatment. she never went back even though she knew it helped her. it was too scary.
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I really like hearing all these positive stories . I have tried it twice. One time on cd11. I did not go back until the next cycle on cd12. My accupn. lady only works t&th, so It may be hard to time right before O and right after. Has anyone been given that hot/warm pack to wear all day days before O???
It is nice and warm, but I wonder if that may affect anything. The concept is that chinese medicine says they try and my your womb a warm place for an embryo to nest.

*Honeybeedreams, so sorry for your loss*

I just wanted to say that although I have not used acupunture to ttc I did start seeing an acupuncturist right after I found out I was pregnant with my first and I was able to come off anti-depressants and have a very happy healthy pregnancy with the help of herbs and acupuncture and massage. That said PLEASE be certain that you acupunturist is Very experienced, and is very knowledgeable about what NOT to do as well as what to do as far as your fertility is concerned. There are some very powerful points that can cause induction, miscarriage etc and your practioner needs to be aware of these points and also needs to be very ethical about using them. If you do a search for acupunture and abortion there are some articles about acidental abortion ect from accupuncturists that didn't realize that those points shouldn't be stimulated on a pregnant or ttc woman. (they help with the immune system etc as well)
All in all I say acupuncture is great and I think everyone should have access to well trained resonably priced care (we're petitioning in md for medicare to cover it) It does not hurt imo (I'm terrified of needles) I was so apprehensive that we started with just two or three needles my first treatment and now I pretty much let her do whatever she feels I need. So that's my longwinded opinion on this
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Oh my goodness I miss my acupuncturist... I haven't seen him since the beginning of december 05, had crazy life stuff happen, and have now moved across the country, so now I have to find a new one. Alas! But y'all have me totally craving a treatment now.

(For the heat pack: I might be a little concerned if it were an electrical pack- like an electrical blanket or something - but if it's damp warmth like a wet hot towel then just lay back and enjoy it! No allopathic reason it should hurt and lots of holistic reasons it should help!)
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