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I posted some time ago about wanting to get off of Effexor, which I have been taking for<br>
almost 3 years now. I'm terrified. At this time I don't really remember what it was like<br>
to not be on this medication. I'm not doing all that well, but that is very normal for me<br>
when the seasons change, and will be better soon.<br><br>
Today I was reading about the combination of Adderall XR and Effexor XR for bipolar/ADHD<br>
and it sounded as if this might work very well for me. I feel very weird about adding a new<br>
medication on top of another.<br><br>
I'm coming to a conclusion that I'm a person who needs to continuously stay on medication.<br>
I just want to live a better and productive life, and at age 31 I have read, and tried so many<br>
paths to wellness, and I still feel behind.<br>
I want to start school in the Fall, and I want to commit to a more "normal" existence. I am now<br>
in a semi good place in life. I am no longer depressed about the conditions of my life, I really<br>
believe that I have a good life. But my sleep is erratic, it takes a lot of planning for me to leave<br>
my home, making plans with friends is hard.<br><br>
Anyhow. (After making my one small question a very long story). I wondered if anybody has<br>
experience with taking both Adderall XR and Effexor XR at the same time, and if you had any advice.
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