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I have feedburner where you can subscribe by email to my blog, but I accidently deleted my RSS feed. ( STUPID mistake!!

I don't see anywhere on the main feedburner page where I can add it again. Does anyone know how?

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I don't use Blogger, but I think they do it by using a text/html widget versus a subscribe widget. They can place all of the html in the one spot that way.

At the feeds page at Feedburner, click on MamaNotes (or however you titled your feed). That will take you to a new page. Click the Publicize tab. On the left somewhere is Email Subscriptions. Clicking that will generate html code for you. At the very bottom of that will be a dropdown where you can choose what blog you want to put the code on. Blogger should be one of the choices. Then create a widget in your blog and C&P the code into it.

I think that's how you would do it! Those with Blogger may have to correct me, though.
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