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adhd and dairy?

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Anyone know of a connection? My ds is a big cow's milk drinker, he would drink a gallon in one day if I let him. He is impulsive, hyper and off the wall, bugging the baby, fighting with his other sister totally hyper climbing the fence etc. Very destructive also : ie: Mom I don't like your flowers so I broke them. He said this after he tore all my sunflowers off their stems
. He runs into traffic without thinking etc.

Well the other day we ran out of milk and since with the exception of coffee or some cereal for me once in awhile no one else in the house drinks it so it was no big deal to run out for more.

He has not had milk in 2 days and I cannot believe the difference in him. It's like a totally different child, he has only bugged the baby once (will explain what I mean further down), he isn't fighting as much with his sister, he listened at the store yesterday, hasn't destroyed anything, no running through the house like a monkey, not really climbing except for totally normal playing.

Also he has been in the house 2 days because of rain so not too much sun or other child influences either so I'm not sure if it was the milk 100% but I do think it made a difference. He has had a bit of ice cream but that's all, he won't eat cheese. No other diet changes, except also no red meat in the past 2 days.

What I mean by 'bugging the baby' is playing very rough with her, shaking her bouncer seat very roughly, dumping toys on her, picking her up out of her seat and trying to shake her, kissing her so rough she cries, like repeatedly just pouncing on her face or head with those big rough kisses usually toddlers give. My 2 year old is more gentle generally!

Any imput here? When he does have milk and acts like I have mentioned I am not the only one that has thought adhd, it's been brought up by family and even friends.
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It sounds to me like there's connection and I would make dietary changes.

If he loves his milk, you could try a more natural version from a local farmer. I just started reading "The Untold Story of Milk" and it is fascinating. I would cut out regular milk right away and slowly start back with some organic, unhomogenized raw milk. If you aren't comfortable with this, I'd cut it out altogether and find a good replacement.
Well after 4 days of no milk and dh not so convinced it is the milk I bought some of the brand I had him on before just to do a test. 48 hours later he is nuts again, he was suffocating the baby today when I walked out of the room for a second to get his other sister a drink. When I walked out of the room she was on the rug with toys and he was gently talking to her, when I walked back in he had the blanket over her head and was holding it down she was starting to cry. I spanked him I feel awful but I didn't know how else to react and I grabbed the baby up in my arms and she was fine but I know if he is drinking milk I sure as heck can't leave them alone.

He is also hyper and defiant again so either it's milk in general or the crap they put in milk. I'm definitly not giving it to him ever again. I had to reintro it to do a true test though to make sure this was the problem. I can't believe it, we are always told how great for us milk is but I do know milk bothers my stomach and dh's and my other daughter gets itchy from it, she used to get real bad eczema but now she can tolerate very small bits of dairy.

I told dh this and he now believes me that it's the milk. I am going to try and find goat's milk locally. I know he won't drink rice milk and I'm not comfy with soy so it's either a replacement or nothing as he can't drink this anymore!! If I can't find goat's milk I will try and find a raw dairy farm nearby.
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Doris Rapp's book, "Is This Your Child" is very helpful on this.
Jessica, thanks for that link! There is some helpful stuff, and some coincedences (sp sorry!) mentions one doc did a study and "jumpy" kids often had some birth trauma of sorts. Ds had the cord around his neck and he almost got stuck because his shoulders were hugh! He didn't have any breathing problems or anything but who knows if it was enough to stress him slightly.

He sadly was vaxed as well, completely and I know he received vax containing thimerasol. I remember seeing the vax vial in the peds office with thimerasol on the label and wondering what the heck it was, I wish I did more research but this was '98 and the net wasn't what it is now and I had no pc. So the dairy might just be an additional trigger. I will be keeping him dairy free or at least no cows milk, I think it's the hormones and additives not the milk itself because this started around age 3( late 2001) when more farmers started adding crap to their cattle but stupid me didn't think about it getting into the milk!
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