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ADHD and second nap??!

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So a friend told me that a "sleep expert" spoke to her moms group and said that lack of a second nap during a particular developmental phase was what caused ADHD - HUH?

Anyone else ever heard that? Is there any association between ADHD and sleep? What on earth could she have meant by that? It just sounds crazy to me....

what do you guys think?
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I think that is ridiculous.

But I do know that regular sleep is important to a person with ADHD trying to control the symptoms. As a cause, though? That's a bit strange.
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When my children were newborns they slept around the cloth but as toddlers they only slept once a day other than bedtime. I don't have any ADHD children. My last is possibly HFA but he has several physical birth defects and has never been a *good* sleeper but so fr at 4 he doesn't appear to be ADHD.

I'm not too sure on this theory.

Debra, homeschooling mom of 4 ages 10 (AS), 9, 7, and 4 (Apraxia, Dysarthria, HFA?)
I think hogwash as a cause but I do think that lack of sleep makes many people with add or adhd more symtomatic. And in some kids sleep deprivation looks like ADHD. But the cause--nope. I guarantee my son did not miss a second nap in any significant developmental stage (he isn't any longer but he was a terrific napper). He is without a doubt ADD (also spectrum). I do think that ADHD kids (and spectrum kids) may be poor sleepers due to the issues so perhaps there is a correlation and so she leapt to that conclusion?
Yeah I asked "did she mean that it makes kids SEEM like they have ADHD if they aren't getting enough sleep?" and she said, "no, she said it CAUSED ADHD!"

I just didn't know if there was some new study or something....

my DD is "at risk" (she's only 3.5 but has 2 uncles with ADHD and she has attention issues) and she was always a terrible napper....but I'd just never heard this!

oh well - maybe my friend misunderstood or this expert has some axe of her own to grind...
You know, when our child was first dx'd w/ ADHD a doc tried to tell me he just needed more sleep -- a NATUROPATHIC DOC!
: I thought "Dude, he gets MORE than enough sleep -- the kid can't sit still!"
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