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circ'd adhesions are completely different than natural adhesions which release on their own, bc they are scar tissue that has healed.
Right. Skin can form bridges between the shaft and the glans because the blunt probe that tore the foreskin away from glans by clumsily breaking the synechial membrane caused gouges and lesions in glans surface. That fact that not every circumcised boy has such skin bridging is actually amazing.

An intact boy might be diagnosed with "adhesion" between the foreskin and the glans. This diagnosis is malpractice. That adhered state is the normal and natural form of penis until the skin tube naturally becomes fully retractable from the boy's own curious manipulations - sometimes by age 10, often later. As the AAP says, only the owner should ever retract a foreskin. If he's not old enough to do it for himself, it doesn't need done.

Adhesions can mean something else. At the scar line of a circumcised penis the skin tube can heal badly, fusing to the underlying penile structure instead of allow the skin to slink and glide over the shaft. This is adhesion of the scar tissue to the penile shaft.

We saw a ped urologist who went with the "they *will* release on their own" route.
Chances are they won't, but that is still not a reason for early intervention. The damage is done. Without seeing it I'd say wait end let the patient decide at a rational age about what intevention is warranted. In the meantime, if he gently pulls at his own skin to draw it down the shaft away from the glans it may reduce the problem over time.
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