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I have a friend that got this operation and she is doing well on it. My ex had this operation done and he is floundering badly. He has ring slippage and now is having a devil of a time getting any support to fix it as most surgeons get really wierd about touching another surgeon's work. He is sickly because of this. My friend who is doing well got it done by a dr. in mexico (dr. rambaut)that is world reknowned and has an immense network of other doctors here in the states that work with him and help his patients. My ex had it done in France by the surgeon who helped create this procedure and I sorta warned him because their network isn't as good here in the states when the crap hits the fan and it can very well happen.

I personally had gastric bypass done. I am very happy with it. I went from 300lbs. to 126lbs before pregnancy. Took me about 2.5 yrs to lose that and I maintained it for another year before becoming pregnant. I did very well with the health of myself and the baby by using supplements..vitamins and protein shakes (Yes, I also eat real food :p ) . My baby was born very healthy and was 7lbs and 6 oz. I didn't go with banding because I knew deep down, I would need the malabsorbtion to lose the weight, not just restriction. I had been on the zone diet for a few years and just couldn't lose a pound. I had been on diets before that for years very unsuccessful.

In what I have written I do not want to push you to thinking you made a bad choice by choosing banding, not that me saying things would change your mind but I wanted to emphasize that
. It DOES work for some..just not all. BUT the things I want you to get out of my post that I got through researching and talking to many people about gastric surgeries for over 7 years are four fold:

1) Please above all else, research that surgeon. Make sure their network to help in case anything goes wrong is very much intact and extensive. Due to lawsuits, many surgeons will not touch my ex to fix him and he is miserable. This goes for gastric bypass too btw. This is major surgery..major major but sometimes it is needed. I'd be dead if it wasn't for gastric bypass surgery.

2) Be up bigtime on any complications that COULD happen. Know their symptoms up and down and be VERY good about your followups.

3) Brush up on nutrition. Not that gastric bypass folks can get away with it, but especially if you are not malabsorbing, you need to make sure that every calorie you take in, is worth it.

4) Find a support group so you can get help in adjusting. Losing weight even the banding route may require help in support as when you lose fat, the estrogen is increased in your system and it really is an emotional time even if you may not be a real emotional person. Support groups that know what you are going through help also to stem the frantic of "I'm not losing as fast as I thought". Hearing other people's journeys help.

I wish you the best. Think of it as a journey ok?



ps. I also breastfeed very successfully as a gastric bypass patient. My baby gains weight that is a myth honestly that malabsorbtion will affect a baby provided the mother is supplementing appropriately. But no matter which you have..banding or gastric bypass, both need some sort of supplementation (the amount varies) as you are restricted on how much nutrients get into you. Any time you decrease your calories, most good nutritionists will tell you that a good multi along with other foods you can't get down in abundance is good to supplement.
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