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adjusting the very baby aio pattern to make a ML

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i've made a few med aio's that my ds is starting to outgrow in the rise otherwise they fit well. i've seen that there are M/L sizes that appear to be medium fit with a 17" rise. would i just cut the pattern and add 2" to accomplish the same thing? where would you make the cut? in the crotch area kind of towards the rear? as long as it's not near the wings would it be fine?

curious if anyone else has done it with sucess.

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I haven't done it - but do you have a large size to compare the medium to? Then you could keep the wing span at the medium width, but trace the large for the rest of the body? Off the top of my head, I think you'd want the wing section to be longer (up and down, not side to side) as well as the crotch, or it might not fit around the legs so snuggly?

You might try cross-posting in the diaper making section if you don't get someone knowledgable here soon.
thanks for the tip. somehow i missed that there was a separate diaper making forum. i'll try there!

All of the tutorials for tweaking the VB patterns can be found on

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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