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ADORABLE Easter outfit for Ds... (24 mos)

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for pictures, dress up, church, whatever!
Selling the Outfit Only; not the hat.



Outfit size is 24 months, but my son wears 18 months mostly and it fit him well. White tuxedo velvet searsucker type overalls...SO CUTE! Asking $18ppd.

If you are looking for a newsboy cap to go with it...I purchased this one from The Childrens Place.
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Hmmm... What are ya ISO?? Id love to trade ya...

ETA: where the heck you been, woman?? And why did you change yer user Name?? Come back to IPTK village. say hello
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Hey you!


Wagon (like step 2 or little tykes)

Rody Pony type bouncing horse toy

Photography Prop type things...

spring/summer tops Xl or XXL

Hotwheels/matchbox car type carrying case

Yankee Candles

Burts Bees anything

scrapbooking stuff

Willow Tree angels

unique cookbooks


Wooden puzzles (ChunkyWorld, Mel & Doug...etc)

that's all I can think of for now...

I had to change my name for technical issues...

I offer infant sign language classes here under the name Joyfulhands; so they asked me to change it....

I should pop in to iptk sometime! but you guys move sooo fast
I would totally throw in that Sears book for you too....
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I have the following:

spring/summer tops Xl (I have changed sizes, so I have TONS!)
Burts Bees anything (I cary BB at my store, so Have this!)
Playsilks (Got those too!)

Lemmee show this outfit to DH & see what he thinks
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Did he like it?

I would LOVE some BBs stuff for the summer...

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