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Adult/general dentist in Houston area

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Hi, mamas!

I've looked through past threads but am hoping there's more info out there.
Anyone have a great general dentist (for me) in the Houston area? We're in Sugar Land, so closer is better, but I'm kinda-sorta considering Dr. Glaros in Spring, which is an hour away. (He's a "biological dentist," and I don't know that he'll file insurance for me.)

I also found Dr. Marilyn Jones near Chimney Rock and 59, who appears to be a more holistic dentist, and will file insurance.

Is there anyone else? I have one or two recommendations from friends, but one has very mixed reviews online. I hate randomly picking doctors, especially when I'd like to take a more natural approach.


(And, just a reminder on forum guidelines... If you have any *negative* reviews, please PM me rather than posting on-thread!
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Just FYI. Dr Glaros will not file insurance for you.
I'd go to Nored before Glaros or Jones. Downside is that he's WAY far away and I think you'd have to file your own insurance, but I think he gets good reviews and he's seems pretty holistic even though he doesn't advertise as mercury-free/biological.

Let me find his website...

I can't find my other recs for local dentists who were leaning toward holistic or at least not pro-amalgam. I'll see if I can dig up those emails, maybe it was discussed on the API list?

eta: I've looked and looked, and can't find a thing. Which is a bummer because I haven't gone, myself, in quite a while. Sorry!
Tanya, can you tell me more about Dr. Nored and your preferences for him over Glaros or Jones? I didn't see anything all that compelling on his site, but I am still quite new to the field.

I did get a recommendation elsewhere for a doctor in Texas City who supposedly uses ozone therapy. But, I can't find mention of that on his site, either.
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there is no doc in houston who uses ozone AFAIK.
I haven't found any listed anywhere, but this mama has a child who received treatments. I emailed the office but haven't heard back.
Interesting... my understanding was that there was no one anywhere close to TX using ozone...


Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Interesting... my understanding was that there was no one anywhere close to TX using ozone...

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Heather, I'll PM you about Jones and Glaros.
Tanya, thanks for the info!

I will be calling this other doc. The mom says her DS had ozone treatment 6 months ago.

I just got a call back from Dr. Glaros' office. They will file insurance but you have to pay in full up front.
And, it's like $295 for an appointment with the doc, $150 for "energy testing" of the teeth, and $90 for panoramic xrays.

Looks like I may be best going to a more local doc for the basics (for free thanks to insurance) and then consulting with another doc once I know more. That, or ignore it all while working on WAPF-style diet and supplements to heal teeth.
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I'll just say that IMO anyone with chronic and/or tricky health issues, supplements should _definitely_ play a role in the whole WAPF concept of nutrition. People, whether adults or kids, can function and seem relatively normal and still have pretty skewed nutrients due to long-term stresses. Or maybe it's just an excuse why I supplement myself and my kids up the wazoo.
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Heather, would you mind passing the ozone doc info this way? I would love to know of a local source rather than flying across the country to get it.

I haven't had a chance to talk to them in detail - they've called when I had no signal, etc. But here's the doc:
Awesome, Heather. Thank you so much!
Has anyone talked to them about this yet? Apparently some do ozone for cosmetic stuff but not as a treatment and certainly not on kids...
Have you seen this practice? It is located next to Whole Foods in Sugar Land.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Greg Richards. He is in the Galleria/Uptown Area. I have not made the switch (and don't know if I will) to a holistic dentist, but he is just a nice guy with a gentle touch.
I have looked at EcoDental, but as far as I can tell the only thing "eco" is how they run their office. That's all well and good, but I was rather disappointed.
A friend took her DD there, too, and they were recommending all sorts of stuff that the mom wasn't comfortable with, and that didn't sound at all holistic-leaning.

I still need to call that other office back. But, now being pg, I don't think I'll mess with the tooth for a while!
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I am also looking for a more holistic dentist for both me and the kids closer to downtown. I contacted my doctors (TX Children's Pediatric Medical Group) and was referred to the following dentists for the kids: Dr. Urbach and Dr. Vela.


Hi gaialilfish,

I have seen Dr.Urbach, Dr. Vela, and Dr.Cammarata with my boys. None of them are holistic dentists. In terms of comfort, my children are the most comfortable with Dr.Cammarata's office.

I've been told that I"m not allowed to say negative things about them on the forums, so I'll just say that the last two are acceptable. The first is someone I would not recommend to anyone, ever.

ETA: I just realized I only answered the kid part of your question. We also go to TX Pediatric care for the boys. My husband and I see Dr. Jafari in the same bldg. It's on the opposite end (closer to Greenbriar) than Dr.Urbach. We've been with her about 4 years now and like her and the office.
For Adult dentist I love Dr. Cory Logan near Waugh & Allen Parkway.

The kids see Dr. Camarrata
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