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I do not particularly like the title, but that is what it is called on this site:

What follows is their list (with my comments)

Advantages of Breastfeeding (Normalcy of human milk for human babies)


Helps your uterus get back into shape (oxytocin causes uterus to involute as it is meant to)

It's the most complete and balanced nutrition for an infant (it is the only complete food for baby)

Gives baby protective antibodies, to protect her from illness

No artificial ingredients are added (this assumes ABM as norm)

The milk is always warm (body temperature)

Breastmilk is easier for your baby to digest ( it is easy, not easier, which again implies ABM as norm)

Baby's diapers smell less offensive, mild smelling bowel movements (leave out the first line)

Provides intimate bonding experiences, skin-to-skin contact

Much Less Expensive-Formula costs about $1000/yr (Your milk is free!)

Breastfeeding is relaxing for mom

Do not have to recycle as many containers (unless you have to recycle your breasts, you do not have to recycle any containers)

More convenient - doesn't need to be mixed and bottles don't need to be washed and sterilized (redundant to bfing is relaxing, or they could have said, breasts don't need to be sterilized and breastmilk doesn't need to be bought, taken home, stored, mixed, chilled, heated and washed up after, and thrown on landfills)

Less chances of allergic reactions in your baby (ABM puts baby at more risk for allergies)

Keeps you well-endowed, a benefit for your husband (puke, plus not necc true, if small breasted or lesbian)

Many women don't menstruate while breastfeeding (not true, but bfing does usually delay return of menses, which reduces risk of PMS, anemia, pregnancy in mother. Menses return at on average 18 mos, with ecological bfing. List assumes you will not bf that long.)

You get to eat an extra 500 calories (not necc true. studies show when bfing, you spend so much time sitting, resting and nursing, you may burn less calories, so will not need to eat 500 extra.)

Reduces your chances for breast cancer (ABM increases risk of several cancers, in both mother and bfed child, not to mention GI and infections and viruses, RSV, diabetes, colic and croup)

End of sort of lame list.

And what's with all the pacifiers on that side?

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They actually said "Keeps you well-endowed, A BENEFIT FOR YOUR HUSBAND"???!!!
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