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adventures getting my bellaband

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So I'm too big for my jeans. It's not so much my belly as much as my butt and thighs.
DH and I went to Target for an outing and I had heard they had bellabands so I figured that I ought to get one and then I can fit my 'fat jeans'. I can't believe how great this thing is! I can wear too big of jeans and it just makes them perfect! I bought the black one but I think I"ll go back and get a white one too. I also got a new bra...I'm up an entire cup size to a C now! Poor DH is banned from them for the most part as they are so tender nearly every moment other than when I first wake up.

Now to the crazy target experience....

DH and I are in line with the bellaband,bra,socks and a pack of gum. The woman cashier is going pretty slow ringing up the person in front of us. As we're waiting DH's folks join us from the end of the line. Then it's our turn. DH is using the credit card thing and the cashier has put everything into the bag, which is still on the metal hook thing. The cashier is looking at the inlaws for some reason and she seems to have forgotten about the bag. I reach down and start to pull the bag up and out of the metal hooks and the cashier spins toward me and goes to slap my hand!!!!! She makes a slapping motion about 10 times on top of my hand, just short of making actual contact. I say " I really hope you're not planning on hitting me." as she finishes her hand motions. She laughs and says "I'm playing. I"m not hitting you." and I reply "Yea, you're sure looking like you're about to hit me. You better not hit me." Now the inlaws are watching and raising their eyebrows at the cashier. The cashier says "Oh no, it's just that I was a preschool teacher for 20 years so that's what I do." FIL says "Oh so you only hit kids?"
and I say "You went to slap my hand like 10 times just then." The cashier laughs and repeats that it's just because she taught kids. DH and FIL wanted to complain to the manager but I was in a hurry to leave and was feeling pukey.

Poor kids that were 'taught' by that woman.
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Oh my gosh, no kidding! That's awful. *shudder*

I have a couple Bella Bands, but don't totally love them. I also have a couple Belly Huggers that I am obsessed with that can't get locally. Boo hoo...

ETA: Ha! After a 30 second online search, I realized that I actually can get them locally....
That's um, disturbing.
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What an odd experience to have!
Very odd!

I'm so glad to read this...I had forgotten that I can take out my big, postpartum jeans and use them now with the Bellaband. Whew, now I'll be able to breathe better.
I'm a bellaband newbie. I haven't gotten one yet. Are they really that great?

That's sad about the cashier. Your MIL's comeback was awesome though (at least it was the way it played in my head. I hope that IRL it was that great, too, lol)
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