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Adventures of Fairy Princesses- all that's left!

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I need to earn some money to go to NYC for the nurse-in Monday!

I do have a small list of things I would trade for, but I really need the paypal.
Paypal only, media mail shipping is not included. ISO list at the bottom. Thanks for looking!

5. Adventures of Fairy Princesses from Usborne's 10 Terrific Weeks Preschool/ Lower Elementary Reading Program. This is JUST the plans- you still need the books that go with it. Like new.

Would consider trading for:

* Grain mill- not the kind that clips to a counter or a small hand-operated coffee grinder
* Kitchen composter
* Reusable cover for my Swiffer wet jet and dry broom
* Queen sized fitted sheet or sheet set- cotton, please
* BOOKS: Loaves of Fun, LMNOP, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Nature's Art Box, Felted Treasures, Fairy Fleece/ Magic Wool books
* Wooden baby bowl/plate like the ones sold here
* Lucy's Hope Chest fitteds, covers, or all-in-ones large, boy or gender neutral
* Any snapping fitteds in a large
* California Baby conditioner
* Curriculum: (the older the better, a copy is fine); Live Ed kindy or 1st grade stuff- see above; Sewing with Saint Anne; Catholic Math Games
* doll skin, any color
* NEW Mama Pads- any kind
* Wegman's gift cards
* Disposable dipes- Tushies, 7th Generation, Tender Care, etc- 22 pounds
* Natural wipes (Same as above)
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Hi Annette!

I'm interested in Seven Times the Sun, PM me your paypal address and I'll send paypal over!

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