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This is weird. I have never heard of anything like this happening before and Im not even sure what happened. My dd(7) went to the dentist and Had three cavities filled and when she got home the place below her mouth a little to the right was swollen and looked like a hive. Just one and then the next day it was still numb she said and still looked like a lone hive. After the next night she woke up it as all scabby and has responded well to Elidel, which I have because my son has severe Excema. She has never had Excema before but I guess thats what it is. Can you be allergic to Lidocaine, the dentist said that the ingredients in the lidocaine are just the lido and epinephren. Isint that what they give in the epi-pen for allergic reactions to bee stings and whatnot? Isnt that weird to have an allergic reation to something with an allergy medicine in it?
Does this mean she is going to have excema from now on?
Has anyone else ever heard of this?
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