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Hello midwives!!

I am a pre-student midwife trying to create appropriate steps for securing my apprenticeship. I am pursuing education at Midwives College of Utah for 2020 and I have a specific situation that I'm trying to get help figuring out. Any insight is appreciated!!

Here is the situation. I am a Mom of a toddler who has a moderate amount of childcare support. I currently have an employer who would like to finance my education for me and he is willing to be flexible with my work hours so that I can do the apprenticeship with a midwife in the future. I am his caregiver and I would have to get him up in the morning and get him out of the wheelchair in the evening Monday through Friday (2 hours required, and two hours in evening, time flexible). I would really like to keep this position because in the long-run, continuing to work with him will pay my midwifery school and my cost of living, ultimately saving me more than 100K. If I don't work I will have to take out private loans for that amount and that just seems like shooting myself in the foot.

I am intending on meeting local midwives in my area this year and next year so that I may establish a relationship and connections within the birth community.

Specifically here is the question. Will my job of 2 hours in the morning and two hours at night make midwives not want to take me under their wing? How can I protect my financial situation while still showing them that I'm committed to the apprenticeship in a real way? Will my situation scare them off from taking me on? Or will they say, oh you have a child and a job so there is no way that you can follow my schedule?

I'm afraid to approach local midwives until I hear from others how I can present myself, based on midwives' own opinions of my situation. Would my situation make you not want to take me under your wing? I know that I don't want to do a very busy birth clinic, but am looking for a local midwife who has 1-3 births a month.

Thanks SOOOO much for your insights!!!

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