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advice and support needed

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I really need some advice.
My son seriously isn't getting enough milk. I am just not producing enough, I have always heard something like 98% of mothers make enough milk for their children, why am I part of that 2%?
I'm not sure what else to do to increase my milk supply.
I'm drinking only water and mothers milk tea. I am taking fenugreek, pumping and got some aromatherapy spray to increase milk supply. I'm starting to get really discouraged my son is 2 ½ weeks and still 7oz below birth weight.
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Just a few questions.... how often are you putting your baby to breast? Are you watching the clock or your baby? Are you letting your baby end feeds or are you?

I ask these questions because for best results a baby should be allowed to nurse on demand. Some babies will need to nurse every hour in the beginning. The longer your baby nurses on each side the more hind milk he will get. Think of your breast milk as a multicourse meal, the fore milk is the appetizer, then comes the entree, and the fore milk is the cheese cake, nice and thick and full of cream.

Also have you seen an IBCLC? She may be able to help you sort out any problems that may be occuring.

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What makes you think you don't have enough milk? Does you baby want to nurse all the time? My DD was like doesn't necessarily mean you don't have enough. He is probably pumping up your supply by doing that. Also just because he is 7oz below birth weight doesn't necessarily mean you don't have enough milk. Some babies aren't fast gainers. It took my DD forever to get back up to birth weight.

Did you have an IV during birth? That can really plump up a baby with fluids and then they lose it after they are born just like we lose water weight.
My dd took a month to get back to her birth weight. I was told to supplement but was limiting the amount of formula I gave her b/c I knew she'd fill up on that & nurse less. I had rented a scale to track her weight gain and determined that she didn't gain any more w/ the supplementing than w/o.

My point is that just b/c your child hasn't gotten back to his birth weight in and of itself doens't mean there is a problem. Is he having enough wet & poopie diapers? IF you're not sure how many he should be having at this age, let me know. I don't remember but can look it up.

Let us know.
My birth was wonderful, a VBAC at home, it was long but healing...
So no IV's during labor/birth. He was 9lbz 2oz at birth and a week after he was 8lbz 10oz, and is still currently at this weight at 2 1/2 weeks so he hasn't gained anything in a week and a half.
It seems like he is wetting/soiling enough but i don't use cloth
: so its harder to tell.
I put him to the breast constantly, maybe i should have elaborated on this. My main concern is that I feel bad for him, after nursing for over an hour or less just depends he will pull off and scream, when he does this i express and there is nothing. he just seems so frusterated and hungry

so i don't think the problem is not nursing long enough i feel thats all i do all day...
thank you for your help i just feel at a loss right now...
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I would suggest calling your local LLL leader too.

Also he could be reacting to something that you are eating that is passing through your milk.....dairy, wheat...etc.
It took me awhile to get my supply where my dd wanted/needed it- especially in the evenings. Have faith in your body. You will produce enough for him.

hang in there- it does get better.

Alot of times we *think* our supply is low when it really isn't.

I have struggled with low milk supply for 10 months now. You can overcome it.

The main reason I wanted to respond is to tell you about Motherlove More Milk Tinctures. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but honestly, it DOES work, and in a BIG way! I could be a spokesperson for this company, I'm so happy with it's products.

I had tried fenugreek pills and tea before, and they worked moderately.

However, the liquid tinctures are what saved my nursing relationship. And now I absolutely adore giving my nursling his "nursies." It's the best feeling in the world.

Here is the direct link to what I use (You can read and see which tincture sounds right for you. I've used the More Milk Plus, the More Milk Plus Alcohol Free, and the More Milk Special Blend.) They are awesome, and worth every penny. Also, there is a great price break if you go ahead and order the bigger size. (For what it's worth, I just took a dose before I came to read on MDC because I have bronchitis and I was worried about it reducing my supply, but with taking this every day, it has not lessened at all.)

The tinctures: (liquid herbal extracts)

Here is their home page as well. They have lots of other good products, too.

Good luck, and let us know how you are doing.
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Here is a link to find an LLL Group near you:

And a link to find an IBCLC near you:

It sounds to me like seeing either a La Leche League Leader or IBCLC lactation consultant would be helpful for you. They can help figure out how to increase your supply or reassure you that you have enough milk, depending on which it turns out to be. I think you need to find out for sure, though and not just "hang in there". You don't want to waste time if you're not producing enough milk.

You're doing a great job listening to your baby and feeding on cue but it sounds like he's telling you something's not quite right. Listen to him and get some hands on help!!

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I agree w/ contacting an LLL leader or an IBCLC. A lactation consutlant can measure the baby before & after a feeding to tell if you are transfering enough milk. If you don't feel like everything is right, then trust your instincts and get help now. I think most times mom's have so much trouble b/c they don't ask for help (from people in real life) soon enough. Again, trust your instincts. You have them for a reason.

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make your dh feed you lots of oatmeal, no one has mentioned that yet (i had cravings for vast quantities of oyster stew with sourdough broken into it; eat what you crave & plenty of it.) happy babymoon, & good luck. suse
Here is a link to the low-supply tribe. There are lots of suggestions here:

This is a link to Dr. Jack Newman's handout on breast compression. It really helps a lot! (anything by Dr. Jack Newman is a GREAT resource).

How is your latch? Is the baby's mouth WIDE open? Does it hurt? How much are you getting when you pump? When are you pumping (before a nursing, after or during?) How many wet/poopy diapers are you getting? 5-7 wets a day? Does the urine look dark and smell funny or is it light yellow? Is the poop loose and seedy yellow? How does the baby act?

Don't give up!! Soon it will get easier and you will have a beautiful nursing relationship. Trust me, I have been in your shoes

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Put a tissue or some toilet paper in his diaper so you can tell if its getting wet! If he has lots of wet diapers you know he's getting milk!

It took my little guy 3 weeks to get back up to birthweight. Different situation though - I was induced and had an IV.
I literally had to wake him up to nurse. You might also try eliminating dairy from your diet for a couple of weeks - its one of the more common allergens - to see if that improves how he feels after nursing. Definitely get some expert help from an IBCLC, if possible! Let us know how it goes!
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