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we'll be staying at the beach with my family & i've offered to cd my nephew while we're together. he's just a few weeks older than noah, but much thinner. if ido this i want it to WORK b/c i don't think they'll give me enough chances to work out differences

my fitteds are mostly os (sp, sos, mttaqin) and i think should be fine

regular prefolds of course will work
i think M bummis velcro will work fine, too, but utilitarian

but will my ss covers work? - noah is on smallest setting
M sp fleece
sz2 fcb windpro
sz 2 rb fleece
m/l celtic wolf

i'm pretty sure these won't work for skinny legs
M fuz wio
L FB - but i think i can borrow some M from a friend

I've got a cover stash pic in my sig if you have any other comments

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Well, for my skinny guy, no front fastening cover has worked. The only front snapping dipe that has worked is the ME onesize. Otherwise, I stick to side snapping because I can set the thighs and the waist independently.

Your dipes will probably work, although if his thighs are real skinny any runny poo may leak onto the cover. But, I would make sure to carry those SS covers.
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