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Advice for changing IEP to include ESY (summer program) for Apraxia?

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Hello, I don't post in this section as often as I should - there is such great advice and support here. I hope you may have some advice for me-

My DS (3.5) is currently enrolled in the early childhood preschool program in our school district. He had been in early intervention since 6 months old. He has a dx of apraxia and spd. I believe he may have pdd-nos but has not been tested yet. He receives 60 minutes of ST, 30min each of OT and PT.

His IEP states that he does not qualify for the ESY (extended summer program), and at the time of the meeting I honestly didn't even know what that was. Now that summer is around the corner I don't want him to be w/o speech for 3 months so I'm starting to research how I can get him into the ESY program.

Our private insurance would cover speech - but there is a long waiting list. As of last week they have agreed to evaluate him and put him at the top of the list to receive services for summer only - but this is not in writing yet. Ideally he would receive speech through insurance and school.

Any advice on how to push for ESY? Especially for kids with apraxia? I understand that the key word is "regression" but how do I phrase that in my argument?

Thank you for any advice or tips!

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How did your ds do over Christmas break? Any other breaks so far in the school year? Does he take awhile to get back to baseline after a week off? Basically, I'm asking to see if you have any ability to show the school documented regression in his past - it is a shorter time span so it can be tough, but even if he takes a week to recover from a week-long break, associate that to how long it will take him to recover from a 3-month break.

You do need to reconvene the IEP meeting, which you are allowed to ask to do at any time. It will involve all his team members and the discussion about what to do for summer. I would suggest bringing a family member or friend with you, as well as notes. These meetings, even when they go well, can be stressful and details can be forgotten in the midst of it. I know when I walk into a room full of people (dd has an ASD dx so we work with a large team!) around the table, all from the school, it can feel intimidating even if I'm not expecting any problems.
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I was also told that the yardstick for determining eligibility for ESY is documented regression during breaks that take place during the school year, i.e. Winter break, Spring break. Without that, it will be difficult for you to make a strong case and he may be denied.

If that should happen (and I hope it won't), be sure and document any regression that takes places during the summer break so you are well-armed for next school year.

We get no speech services during ESY. It's just special ed classes. My oldest started preschool in the summer and didn't start speech until the fall. Is he going to preschool just because of the speech/language disability? Is he behind in his other skills. That might be why he doesn't qualify for ESY. If he does need more academic help, I would call an iep meeting to push for it.
Thank you for your replies. To be honest I haven't noticed any marked regression in DS over winter/spring breaks -- other than having a hard time getting him up and ready for school on the first day back. He qualified for special ed b/c of apraxia -- but he has developmental delays as well -- behavioral and social.

On his current IEP (written in 10/08) it states that he doesn't qualify for ESY b/c he hasn't shown regression - but at that time he had not been without therapy since the beginning of EI. So no chance to even allow regression.

Well thank you for your advice - hopefully I'm not to late this year but I will be fully prepared next year!
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Just popping in - it's not just regression, it's regression and recoupment that need to be considered. most kids regress in some way over break - readers might lose a bit of fluency over the summer, etc. the key is the recoupment - is your kiddo able to recoup his/her skills after the break and regression fairly well, or is there a significant period of time of rebuilding? if you google extended school year and add "armstrong" as one of your search terms, you should get good results on the types of skills most districts are looking at.

I agree- it's regression and how quickly they bounce back. However, even in my kids qualified for ESY, I don't think I'd put them there. The teachers hired for summer school aren't the same teachers from throughout the school year. I don't think it's an optimal setting for my kids, so I just will work with them myself. You never know how qualified a summer school teacher is (and I'm a teacher myself) for the specialized teaching our kids need.
Thank you for the replies. I just spoke with DS's teacher and she is including him in the ESY. She will be teaching the class, and the OT/PT/ST therapists are the same as well - which is ideal.

His teacher said her reasons were his need for ST, and that he likes consistency (which makes me a bit nervous, to be honest).

The program is only 15 days long from 8am - 12pm b/c the building is not a/c and it's just too hot for the kids. So we'll have plenty of fun summer time as well!

Thank you again for your thoughts! I appreciate them!
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That's GREAT! If ds's teachers were in the ESY, I'd put them in a heartbeat (and fight for it). If they recommended ESY, I'd say no at this point.
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