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advice for choosing a doula?

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Well, I *think* I have found the OB provider to do a VBAC here
Now, I really need to choose a doula~ but, how do you pick one that is good? How do you know? Do you just click?

Any advice is appreciated!
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I've been wondering the same thing. Are there doulas who specialize in VBAC's? Is there some characteristic to look for in a doula attending a VBAC?
I think there is a thread a few pages back on doulas/cbes or b&b, about choosing a doula.

Any doula worth her salt would be great in a VBAC. I have 2 VBAC moms right now, one is due next week and one is due in August.

I'd interview some doulas -- and I'm a big believer in whether or not you just click, as opposed to the more clinical questions of how many births have you attended, where are you certified, etc. I interviewed like 6 doulas for my dd's birth but didn't find the right one until a month before she was born. Obvs a doula will see you naked, puking, pooping, leaking amniotic fluid, etc, so you want to be comfortable with her.

Good luck.

ETA: try the ALACE website ( or the DONA website ( if you are looking for a place to get started.
The click factor is essential IMO, not only as a VBAC mama and a doula as well. The doula should know her facts about VBAC and not defer to the all knowing Dr's and hospital for "what should be done during labor and birth".

ALACE and DONA are good places to start for referrals. Also call any MW's or birth centers for referrals for a good doulas. What about I believe they have doulas on that site. If you have a local ICAN group, maybe they will have a list of experienced doulas as well. And while it is easy to be impressed by long resume - certified doula, Child Birth Educator, postpartum doula, CPR certification, baby nurse, LLL peer counselor - but above and beyond you need to feel a rapport with whomever you choose, regardless of their list of credentials. Some of the very best doulas I know have a small list of licenses (if any) but a wealth of information in their head and a true passion for helping a birthing mother.
I have to agree with the "clicking" aspect of things. I think that there is the right doula for every woman and it just takes some time to find that person that inspires confidence in yourself and in birth.

I also am a firm beleiver in checking in with their referances. Are you looking for a doula is very hands on, confident to sit knitting and smiling (can be a great "calm" factor for some moms), does she do "monitrice" services, or is she someone that a previous dad wished maybe he could have helped out a bit more...ask about specific comfort measures and information from previous clients can help you find the doula that practices the way you want them for your birth.
Asking previous doula's client dads is a great way for dads to get a feel for how they would work too. I have had dad's sell my services to other dads in about three sentences. hehe

I would also check out for a doula!
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I believe in the "clicking", too... it works both ways.... if I don't click with the mom and dad, then I will suggest others who may. This is not a judgement call, or a criticism.... we all have our different paths and beliefs. If the parents are not comfortable around me, then it's just not going to go very well.

I am new on the path to becoming a doula, and most of my work so far is from word of mouth. I encourage parents who contact me to talk to other doulas, too (I keep my own list of local women). I have a list of questions that they can ask, as a template... but I get all kinds of quesitons out of the blue, too.

Finding a doula should be fun and exciting.
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