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So... my latest dream is to open a RE inspired (pre) school when my little ones are in school full time. My pre-baby career doesn't work with a family and I have become very passionate about education since researching schools and philosophies for my own children. I couldn't find my *ideal* school, so, I would love to create it.<br>
I would love advice from anyone who has done this. I have a BA and am looking into a Masters programme in Child Studies which would give me a teaching certificate as well as a ECE certificate along with the MA. There is no Reggio approach classes, though and I am unsure as to how to find training for that. I am reading books right now. How have other people received their training?<br>
Has anyone done this and if so, how? I am assuming that I will start with a small home-based pre-school so as to not overwhelm myself starting out and then expand.<br>
I don't have specific questions at this point, just anything anyone has to offer.<br>
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