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Advice needed: Food allergy related to latex allergy

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I think I may have some food allergies I should try to learn more about. Over the last few years I have become sensitive to eating bananas and avocados. My symptoms began a few years ago with feeling stomach cramps, and then progressed to severe stomach cramps along with a heartburn type of feeling. I've been avoiding both foods but with DS starting solids I've been preparing them for him and they're so yummy it's hard to resist a taste. Yesterday I had a tiny piece of banana and my tongue started burning! I got online and started searching around for information about banana allergies and learned that it is common for people allergic to both bananas and avocados to have an allergy to latex as well! Because all three have some protein in common. This made me very concerned and I started to wonder if I should see an allergist to get my allergies (seasonal and food) identified and know if there are any precautions I should be taking. I'd rather do this proactively than have an anaphylactic reaction to a balloon somewhere, you know? I'm looking for any suggestions on what type of practitioner to see. I don't have a regular doctor and don't ever go to doctors so I don't really know where to start. TIA!
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I am allergic to bananas, avocados and latex. I had a blood test done to see if I was likely to have an anaphylactic reaction to latex and it was pretty simple and straightforward. I would look into seeing an allergist, the place to start might be with a family medicine practitioner.
WakeUpMama, Good intuition to get that checked out now. You are exactly right about those 3 allergies going together, and I would advise you to be VERY careful in giving banana and avocado to your child. Since you are sensitive to them (if not exactly allergic), then your ds has been getting your antibodies to these things thru your milk (assuming you're BF?) and during gestation. Doesn't mean you shouldn't BF -- on the contrary!

To my knowledge I am not allergic to any of those things (altho a sensitivity to bandaid adhesive makes me worry about latex), so banana was my ds's first food at 5.5 mos. I knew he had excema and that allergies run in our family, but LLL recommends it as the first food and I had never HEARD of a banana allergy! Well sure enough, he reacted and has developed multiple food allergies ever since (he's 2.75 now). In my allergy research I have discovered that banana allergies in babies are VERY common and that bc they are difficult to digest (you know, you eat them when you have diarrhea cause they slow things down, right?), that they should NOT be the first food.

Sounds like your ds is doing fine with them so far, but since you have this tendancy yourself, I'd back off of them AND the avocado until he's older and his gut is more mature.

In terms of getting yourself tested, if you have insurance, you'll most likely need a referral to an allergist for either a skin-scratch test or a blood test (called a RAST). The jury is out on which is more effective. If you don't have insurance, go for whichever is cheaper!

And I agree, find out now, cause if you were ever hospitalized, it would be critical to know if you have a latex allergy.

Good luck with this. And let me know if I can be of any more help. Sadly, I know a good bit about children's food allergies . . . but hopefully that will never be an issue for your ds!
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I think seeing an allergist to find out exactly what the situation is and how sensitive you are is an excellent idea. I am doing just that at the end of this month since it's been a good 17 years since I was last tested and I too have developed new allergies. That way you know what you need to avoid and what you need to tell any other medical caregiver you might have to work with. They don't want to hurt you any more than you want to be hurt.

Associated with latex allergy: bananas, avacados, kiwis...there may be more but I can't remember them now.
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Yep, I have also heard that folks who have allergic reactions to certain tropical fruits (kiwi, bananas, etc) are at high risk for being/developing allergies to latex.
My mom found that out when her throat suddenly closed up while eating a kiwi.
Thanks for all the advice, everyone! It's funny to suddenly be allergic to these foods as an adult. I didn't eat bananas when I was a kid because I didn't like them, but I came to like them by the time I was in my teens. And I know I never saw an avocado until I was a teenager--in my family growing up the most exotic thing we ever ate was pizza!

I do have insurance so I just need to find an allergist now.
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