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Advice needed HELP!

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Okay so I thought I would post a little more openly for info.

I am looking into CDing for our 2 babies, they will be only 14 months apart, I have been looking at all of the info here but I am so confused and overwhelmed by all of the options I don't know where to start.

So I was wondering if you could suggest what would be the easiest, hopefully still cheaper than the sposies we are now using, way to CD. I was thinking of doing the AIO's I would really like the outer cover of the diaper to NOT be plastic if possible(not sure that it is possible).

Our daughter is one right now and eats solid food and whole milk, she really only poo's 2-3 times a week depending. She does sleep through the night goes down at 3pm and wakes up at 6-7 am so she needs something absorbant for the LONG nights. She also has Epilepsy so when she does have seizures she pee's but not a huge amount. We currently go through approx 4-6 diapers in a day.

The new born when he comes in October will get breastmilk, possibly some formula when we are out, until 6 months just like our DD.

So what do you recommend where do I start?

Right now I am trying to collect info to see if CDing will actually be saving us money or not before starting.
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AIOs are convenient but because there are several layers of fabric they can take a LONG time to dry.
Pockets are fairly easy especially for your older daughter. We use pockets at night.
There are Prefolds, which are cheap, easy to find and really easy to clean.

I responded in more detail to your other post!
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I agree AIOs are convenient, but they are also the most expensive route to go and not always the most reliable against leaks. Unless you get quick dry style aios with snap in soakers, then like the previous poster pointed out they can take a long time to dry. Prefolds and covers are really super easy and more reliable, ime. Fitteds are also reliable, but then you're back to more expensive and unless you buy a quick dry style they can take a long time to dry as well. Maybe get a few aios or pockets for the diaper bag and use prefolds at home to keep the cost down. You could use the pockets or for night as well, since you can customize the absorbency, or you can just add a doubler to the prefold at night. Or you could invest in just a few really good fitteds especially for night.
Okay so if I am getting this right Pre folds are an outer cover and then an insert that you fold and stick inside the cover?

So when you change the baby with a prefold you take the inner part out and put that in the pail and you can reuse the cover?

I am looking for something like this where you don't have to change the outside part also with every change, only with leaks or messes that happen to go through to the cover.

Is this something that is possible to get??

I feel so clueless thanks for helping and bearing with me here.
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Yes, prefolds are the inner absorbent cloth diaper. The covers are the waterproof outer and can be reused several times before needing to be washed, unless of course they get pooped on. I rotate between 2 or 3 covers each day. At each change I let the cover dd was wearing air out until the next change. I know it's time to wash it when it hangs onto a urine smell even after airing out.
Here, check out this site for some great pics of prefolds and covers. One great thing about prefolds is that you have many different options on how you use them.
Thanks for that info. So are there any outer covers that are NOT plastic or do they have to be plastic to keep the waste in.

I was hoping for the outside of the diaper to be something other than plastic material but I am wondering if this is even possible.

I have seen the Patchwork Pixie diapers and these seem to be what I am looking for, they are soo cute too but are alot of $$$ saw some on Ebay though that I might see if I can win to give them a try. I think their fitted ones I also still need to use a cover with too right, so what is the point in having the nice print I am wondering if you still have to cover it. But I could be wrong.

The prefolds you get a big sheet and fold and pin it in the shape of a diaper on the baby and then put a cover on right?

I think that might be too much for my husband.

What are the pocket ones like for use ie. how do you use those? Is there a site that shows the difference between the diapers and how they are used and has pics?? Might be easier than bugging people here for such basic info. LOL

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Originally Posted by ibusymomto5
Here, check out this site for some great pics of prefolds and covers. One great thing about prefolds is that you have many different options on how you use them.
Okay that site was AWESOME! Thanks so much pics explain it so much better. LOL

So I can actually just fold the prefold into a rectangle type thing and stick it in the cover and then do up the diaper. This is what I am looking for.

The snappi thing looks like it would be pretty easy too, easier than pins maybe.

But I don't necessarily have to pin the prefold inner onto the baby first and then put the outside on I can put the inside in and then just do them up together.

That's great.
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The outer covers do have to be waterproof, but they definitely don't all have a plasticky feel. Some are cotton outers with the waterproofing on the inside. These type feel nice and soft on the outside, but anytime you have cotton on the outer you are more likely to get moisture wicking to the outside and onto clothes. Those are better for daytime covers, imo. Bumpy night covers are great(not for night though, imo), but again, not the most waterproof especially if you have a heavy wetter. They also require more gentle laundering than say Bummis SWWs or Proraps. Bummis SWWs are by far my favorite. They don't feel plasticky at all, more like a knit. It's hard to explain, but it's not plastic. You probably want to avoid anything nylon if you don't want the plasticky feel... that would include Bummis Whisper Pants, Bumkins, or Bummis Originals for example. Motherease makes awesome covers that are super soft and very dependable. They also hold up extremely well to repeated hot washes and machine drying.

You can most definitely trifold the prefold into the cover and do them up together. I used prefolds this way for a few years before I even knew snappis existed. I knew about pins but was too afraid to try them. This method worked very well, and we never got leaks onto clothing, not even overnight. However, poop does get on the covers a lot easier this way. Not a big deal on a toddler who isn't going that often, but on a smaller more frequent pooping baby it can mean that you either need a lot more covers in your stash or you will be washing covers by hand before wash day. Securing the prefold with a snappi is super quick and easy, so I'd say to get a couple to try at least. I'd also recommend getting a pair of pins even if you don't "think" you want to use them. Sometimes they just come in handy, and at less than a $1 a pair it's not like you're out much for them. I never thought I'd want to pin, but one day when my 5th was tiny I got a wild hair to try it after seeing some pics and instructions online. I fell in love with pinning almost instantly, and it's still my preferred method.

Take your time and read through this site for more info on prefolds and lots of other diapering info as well. She has some great pics of various prefold fold, including folding in 3rds and laying in a wrap, as well as pinning and snappi'ing.
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So after doing the numbers and working everything out it seems that we ACTUALLY go through almost 2 boxes of sposies in a month for our DD and NOT 1 that we thought we were using. Like everything else it seems like you don't really realize how much you are using until you sit down and look at the actual numbers.

That means that just for our daughter right now we are spending approx 80.00 a month on sposies.

Then when I worked out the numbers for what the new little guy will use it would be approx 60.00 in sposies a month just for him.

So for our 2 babies it would be 120.00 a month in diapers.

Cloth will be WAY less.

The diaper service will not be worth it from what I have found out, so I think I am looking at washing my own after all.

Not as daunting as what I first thought, and if it saves us huge amounts of money then that little bit of work is worth it to me.

Now it's just picking the type of diaper to go with, I am thinking Prefold & AIO or Pockets for night time.

Off to do some more reading.
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Hi, I just wanted to add that you do need covers for fitteds. They have the cute prints just because that seems to be what most cd moms want. If you have a light wetter you can use fitteds without a cover if you are just around the house and baby is in a diaper and shirt or something like that. Here is a place that I found that has some pretty good starter packs at a good price
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