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Any help would be wonderful. A dear friend of mine called this am, we lost touch a little over a year ago, she has a very hetic life, and she just stopped returning my calls. I always knew that when things slowed down that she'd phone me, but I wasn't prepared for this. She got engaged, found out she was pg, everything was great for a while. A 20 week ultrasound showed a heart issue, at 22 weeks she was airlifted 6 hours away for an emergency cerclege (sp?), at 27 weeks was airlifted back to the same hospital for an emergency C-Section. Her ds arrived without a heart condition, and was holding his own, until her ds died at six days old of an unknown kidney problem. Her and her fiancee have split, and he moved away. She lost her ds in July. It gets worse, she has physcial problems with her uterus (she actually has 2), that is the reason for the preterm labor, after much testing, and even an attempt to reconstruct her uterus, she will be unable to carry a child to term. The only thing my friend has ever wanted to be is a mother, plus she is doula. So not only is she still coming to terms with her ds's death, but the loss of future children and a natural birth. Her sister is adopted so I'm sure that one day she will go that route.I want to be supportive of her, her mother was killed 2 1/2 years ago (they were very close, it was unexpected), and I was not very supportive, I didn't know what to say. I am going to be meeting her for lunch next week. When she was telling me all this I just kept saying how sorry I was, I was so overwhelmed by her grief. I hope you don't mind me asking this here. Thank you.
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