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My dd and I co-sleep and have since she was born. She is now just over 2 years. My husband sleeps mainly in the guestroom and has not much experience with her when it comes to sleep/nap, because I have always been the one to get her down to sleep b/c of BF....she is weaned at naps completely, but still nurses 1-3 times per question is this....I am leaving soon to go on a weekend trip to CA to my twin brother's wedding. I will be gone Fri night, all day Saturday and get back late Sunday night. I am very worried as to how DD is going to react to this Mommy departure. We have only been separated once in her life, when she was 7 months old b/c I was hospitalized for pneumonia.....anyway -- I am trying to think of ways to make it easier on my dh and on her so the "sleeping times" aren't so bad while I am gone....not so sure the days won't be a little difficut either, since I care for her most of the time anyway.....any suggestions....I have thought of taping my voice reading some of her favorite stories to her and singing her naptime/bedtime songs.....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
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