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My 2yr ds has had decay on his teeth since they erupted. Some of his new teeth coming in seem to look ok so far. We have been seeing the ped dentist since last fall every 2 months. His plan was to postpone a possible hospital visit for anesthesia to do the major work involved. I also did some research into diet relation (looking to find something other than eb connection which I do not feel) to his poor teeth, which by the way my 5yr old also had. So I now sup his diet with cod liver oil and butter oil, as well as keep most refined flours and sugars out of diet, as well as sought out raw milk - which I may not receive any more as it is hard to locate.
Anyhow, he just broke two of his upper front teeth last week. The dentist's plan of action is to remove the little remains of those as well as remove the remaining other two upper front teeth and cap his upper back molars. The date is scheduled for this Friday. My question to him was "without 4 front upper teeth how will his eating and speech development be affected?" He said they will not be. Really??? Any input out there?
We can do nothing, but we risk recurring infections and rounds of antibiotics as well as risk those last two upper front teeth to breakage due to delicate nature.
Would love your thoughts
thank you
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