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I was totally against them, until my acupuncturist pointed out that she seemed to be getting upset from overeating and throwing up curdled milk, and getting gas from eating when upset...I would nurse whenever she was upset if I wasn't obvious things.....and, I think she is very much a comfort eater...she seems much happier if I give her a nuk every so often..I can normally tell now if it the need for food or the need for comfort. If ever I give her the nuk, I still cradle her like she is being bf'ed and take it away when she drifts off to sleep...she normally uses it for about 30 minutes a day on and off to get to sleep.......during the day she seems to fight the need for sleep!!! She is fair happier in the long run not taking a boob when she is already full...fair less spitting up, fair less gas, fair less stomach, from being totally anti them, I can see that sometimes there is a need. Now she is getting into her fists and fingers more, she is using them more to comfort herself and her nuk less. So, I think it is a passing phase!
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