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How many of you mom's who live in apartments have people coming in "complaining of how bad your apartment is", saying this is so bad for you & for your son when in reality it's not really that bad, then making sure your cleaning up your place or saying "you need a maid" to get this place.

If my place is not up to standard they come into my place and clean up saying It needs to be done then they talk of how they are all worried for me & Brendan.

Then as a fact they have a meeting and if the meeting didn't get finish then the 'boss' of the ppl calls & says all these assumptions about me thinking this is what I am thinking (yeah right) I am not even listening to her when she thinks I am thinking this . I was first listening until she started on doing what she thought I was thinking and how these things need to be done.

I can't even fire the FSN lady because she came through the CPS area because my mom called them in November otherwise I wouldn't have had anyone in my apartment at all besides me & my son.

Somehow I think to do things just my own for me & my son that I need to go moving again because when I was in california I saw places lots more worse even those 'clean up shows" i seen are more worse.

I'm so tired of ppl trying to tell me how to keep my house no one except my mom was doing that from July to November last year and if it wasn't for my mom calling the CPS no one would be here from FSN.

Then I said I didn't even want D. D. S Adult Services but somehow I got it.

I'm an adult and I should be the boss of how my place 'should look' it shouldn't be how other ppl think it should be .

What to do ?
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