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Hello all,

I have been dating my long distance boyfriend for a year and a half. He has 3 of the sweetest kids (6,8 and 10) and I physically met them 6 months into our relationship. He had spoken to them about me in the beginning as a friend so they could get used to the idea that dad has a friend that is a girl that he likes to spend his time with. I spoke to them a handful of times on the phone and facetimed with them as well. When we all met, there was an instant connection and acceptance. We have since gone on trips together and have spent a lot of "family time" overall. Since he has a 10 year old, I made the choice (to which my boyfriend agreed) that I would sleep in the guest bedroom when I visited and sleep in a separate bed (sometimes with the girls) whenever we traveled. My bf and I are ready to make the next step which involves me moving to where they live. The kids constantly tell me that they want me to move in with them - it melts my heart and makes me so happy. I'm struggling with how and when my bf and I make the transition of sleeping in the same bed together. We are affectionate in front of the kids - hold hands, kiss on the cheek and also a smooch on the lips. Nothing over the top, of course. The kids are comfortable with it, in my opinion.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation?
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