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Advice please - I am iron, b-vit and vit D deficient...

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I just got blood work done and have been feeling very run down. My iron is very low (I expected that) and also my b- vitamins (my naturopath said my RBCs are a bit large) and my vitamin D is almost completely depleted - a 9.5 level when normal is around 65!

I am new-ish to TF - I have been trying to implement some of the ideas over time, but now I feel I need to step it up.

I also feel I need to supplement for a while. I am still nursing my 17 montho old so I am worried about her levels too. I am currently taking NN CLO and give her a little too - but I haven't been great about remembering it every day
I've read that Blue Ice is better, so I will maybe try that next time.

We obviously need to try to get into the sun more, but here in Seattle there isn't usually a lot of sun this time of year (today is great though - we are heading out very soon!).

What else can I do? Both through diet and through supplements? I feel I am depelted in minerals too and I am worried about our bones and teeth.

Liver? Bone broths? (which are most nutritious? I have only made them with chicken carcasses) Greens?

Any input would be appreciated. I feel a little overwhelmed and I want to take action ASAP. I am going to the HFS in a little while and she wants me to get a D supplement (she mentioned carleson's pearls or Biotics drops) but I am worried about synthetic D - how do I know if it is natural?

Thanks for your advice!
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Definately get the high vitamin CLO. I was D defient too and I am way better on that. I think that liver is the best for Bs. You could also get a B-complex (I like country life brand). I take Total Minerals with Iron for insurance from depletion ( has great deals). I was severely amenic and ate a lot of grassfed beef and had to take extra iron pills for a while too. You will be feeling much better soon!

Gotta go but wnated to help!
I was very anemic after the birth of my son, my midwife recomended floradix which is a herbal iron supplement (none of the iron supplement side effests) that with cooking with a cast iron skillet my iron levels came back up.
HTH - Wendy
I've read that Kombucha has the entire group of B vitamins. It's easy to make at home and very tasty.
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Do all of the above. You will feel like a new person by the summer and should have relief in a few weeks. I have a free ebook on food and iron for food and preparation ideas.

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I've read that Kombucha has the entire group of B vitamins. It's easy to make at home and very tasty.

Yes, and I think just about all the fermented foods have a good range of B vitamins.

High vitamin CLO will be your best bet for D. You can get it in food, but CLO, in my opinion is the easiest way and the effects show up almost right away. And it's very difficult to take too much of it since it's a natural form. Take it with some butter or coconut oil for maximum results. It seems to work best with some sort of saturated fat; the Weston A Price site recommends butter oil and Eat Fat Lose Fat recommends coconut oil.
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