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I was recently talking to WuWei/Pat IRL about my problem, and she encouraged me to post here to get some advice from the knowledgeable mamas...

I have a cracked molar which has an amalgam filling. It cracked probably about 7 months ago, near the end of my pregnancy. (DS2 is now 6 mos). As the tooth is cracked, it is "leaking" from the outside in, i.e. decaying. It hurts to have pressure on that tooth, so I have not been eating on that side of my mouth for all this time. Although it does not hurt aside from that when "at rest."

In addition to ds2 who is EBF, I also have an almost 3yr old DS who still nurses a few-several times a day. I plan on having more kids and I don't expect to have a break from nursing and/or pregnancy for a number of years to come.

I also have two other amalgam fillings.

My mainstream dentist wanted to drill and fill around the amalgam. I was not comfortable with that, so I consulted with a "holistic" dentist who said the tooth needs a crown and would remove the amalgam. He would follow the protocols for safe removal, but his opinion was that it was more important to disinfect my mouth (for $2000) than get the filling out or repair the crack (as well as offering a whole lot of other services/treatments for other teeth.) I am not to keen on that guy b/c I felt like he wasn't listening to my chief complaint and being unfamiliar with disinfecting the mouth, I wondered if it's not quackery (not to mention his other expensive procedures and services).

At any rate, that is somewhat extra information about the dentists, but I would appreciate some advice on the best course of action. I want to get the tooth fixed and be able to use my mouth normally again. Obviously I need to balance my need to fix the tooth with the rest of my health and that of my nurslings and future babies.

-Should I hold out a few more months for the sake of DS2? Will that even make much difference?
-What can I do to reduce the impact of th Hg exposure? WuWei was talking about certain things that help bind Hg and avoid things that detox or chelate? In this regard, are supplements OK? or should I just try to get the minerals/vitamins/nutrients I need through whole foods? (If so, I worry about getting "enough" through diet alone and need to know specifically which foods since I am a remedial nutritionist! Also, what are the OD levels?)
-I also heard a recommendation about pumping and dumping at certain intervals related to the half-life of Hg when levels increase again post exposure... how important might this be? (I normally don't do any pumping and have no idea if DS2 would take a bottle of BM, let alone formula)
-Can anyone in good conscience offer me some consolation that having this done while nursing will NOT have a super detrimental effect on my nurslings??? (Would it really be better to have the tooth pulled??

I am really nervous about this whole thing and am worried about what I should do. Thank you in advance for your help and advice!

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I found the folloing in dental archives. Can anyone tell me if any of these are UNSAFE while breastfeeding? And are these all still good recommendations? (I think the post is from 2002).


Supplements etc...
*If you can,find a biological dentist who will do a drip IV of vit.C.If
not,mega doses of C before hand and after the procedure almost
to the point of saturation but DO NOT take C by mouth the day
of procedure as the C taken orally will detoxify the anesthestic
adequately to let you feel the pain of drilling or surgery.Then
1000mg C daily for the next 3 months.
*Good doses of chlorella before and during,but not after as it
moves the mercury too rapidly for the body to eliminate.
*Vit.E to protect the brain.
*Cilantro to mobilize the mercury.
*Glutathione & a good mixed amino to chelate.
*Super important-bowel elimination 3x daily-90% of the mercury
is eliminated this way.
*Lots of nuts-yummy
*NO dairy or sugar
*Sauna baths 2 or 3 days following the removal-important!
*If your appointment is broken up,make sure the appointments
are schedualed on alternate week days so it does not land on the
7-14-21 lymph cycle.Also 48 hrs. between appoint.
*Also hepar sulph.6c prior & after.It draws the mercury from the
jaw etc..

dental protocal-
*If there is a window in the dental room,have it opened.
*A rubber dam is a must.
*Have a saliva ejector placed under the dam to wick off any
mercury vapors that penetrate the latex.
*Have an alternative air source!**
*A high volume evacuator tip should be used at ALL times 1/2
inch from tooth.
*Make sure they use liberal amounts of cold water spray!
*Have the dentist remove as large of the sections of amalgam as
*Have particles washed away and evacuated immediatley.
*When through,rinse mouth for at least 30 seconds.
*Have the face area washed/wiped down.
*Remove the dam before restorative proceedure.
*Have dentist change out gloves and then replace new dam.
*Change out clothing,go home, shower, rest ,then head to the

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I think several things on that list are blatantly unsafe while nursing. How unsafe depends on how much mercury you've accumulated from your fillings.

Given the problem you're describing, it sounds like something needs to be done with the tooth, it's not at a heal-the-cavity type of stage. Getting the amalgam removed (and not taking out the whole tooth at the same time) will expose your nurselings to extra mercury.

Things I would not do:
--be careful with amino acids, some can increase detoxification, but that can mobilize from all over the body and be disproportionate to your excretion bandwidth (the amount you can actually get out--so stuff can just be stirred up and then resettle)

As for how detrimental this will be for your nurseling, realistically it will vary based on how your body detoxifies things. I detoxify mercury like crap, and it's changed my whole life. My DH detoxifies much, much better and if he were a mom, his kids couldn't have the issues that ours do because I'm the mom.

So, how's your health, and what types of things run in your family health history?

Things that are different between me and DH, that are indicative of how we detoxify stuff--him/his family, no enviro allergies, me yes; his family can drink caffeinated beverages right before bed, even going from no caffeine one day to lots the next with no issues, me, I've gotten the shakes from small amounts of caffeine (though I can build up something of a tolerance, but still not like him).

Sorry I skipped this thread earlier, I've written quite a few times in this forum about amalgam removal and nursing and pregnancy and mostly people could delay work, or could wean a child (which I think at 6mo is probably not the best option unless your health history comes back a lot like mine--and even then, you could decide to deal with the mercury in your nurseling later, which I'm doing with my 2 kids), but nobody wants to delay, or hear anything negative, so I didn't even read your thread earlier.

Feel free to write back here or PM if you want, I can give you some more ideas on things that will reduce (but not eliminate) the mercury your little ones get, if you decide to do the work now.

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Tanya and JaneS are wonderful resources! Also, check out the Chelating mamas? thread for many mamas who've btdt.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply Tanya and Pat. I sincerely appreciate you generously sharing your time and knowledge. I realize that I am surely not unique in my situation... there are undoubtedly thousands upon thousands of women who had amalgam fillings put in during childhood, then 20-30 years later when they are having kids, the fillings/teeth have come to their natural end. I was trying to find information in old threads, but apparently didn't look hard enough!

I will read through the old threads first and then possibly PM you later about my situation, Tanya. Thanks again.

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You should check out Dr. Matthew Young in Hendersonville. If anyone can help you safely he can. His prices are the most reasonable I have found.

I would get it removed following a safe protocol just because it is cracked. I was a victim of a completely improper removal while BFing, and FTR it did not materially damage my nursling although it did cause me to lose the baby I conceived 2 weeks later at 10 weeks. What you would be exposed to during a safe removal (low speed drill, seperate oxygen source, OSHA ventilation) would be a tiny fraction of what I was exposed to by a dentist who didn't know anything real about filling removal. (Regular speed drill, mouth gaurd only, no real ventilation system)

Dr. Young follows safe procedures, does not offer crazy things like 'mouth disinfecting'. He will most likely recommend that you pump and dump for 3 days afterwards.

You can't chelate yourself with Mercury fillings still in place. I have something like 8 small fillings left and that is why I don't chelate. I thought about getting the rest of my fillings removed before TTC again, but ultimately decided it was expensive and to try to leave it alone. I don't know if it will work out for me at all. As sad as it sounds, I am hoping the sweet baby I lost pulled a lot of the Mercury from the bad removal exposure out of my system. I hate mercury fillings, they are such a crime! But I ultimately also decided that putting my fertility on hold for 2+ years trying to chelate every last bit of it out of me was going to increase my cancer risk measurably.

Also please post or PM the name of the 'holistic' dentist that recommended a 2000 mouth disinfection!

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Dinah, what did you read to conclude that chelating would increase your cancer risk? Maybe it matters what chelating agents you were contemplating? I've been figuring that getting the arsenic out (we're not not truly arsenic toxic, but quite a high level has built up in us) would lower our cancer risk.

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It's not Chelating, Tanya, it is putting off childbearing for 2+ years so that I can chelate, kwim? Chelating *would* naturally lower your cancer risk, however every time you ovulate you release Estradiol, and the more you do that in your life, the higher your cancer risk. We are meant to be always pregnant and breastfeeding, biologically, kwim? So I decided that waiting until Dec/Jan when I could afford removal, and then Chelating for 2+ years while avoiding pregnancy is what would raise my cancer risk, even as the Chelating lowered it, kwim?

It was definitely a hard decision. The fact that I am 32 and only have one child had something to do with it too. And if you will see my thread on Mercury Testing, I am still a little worried that this baby will either not go to term or have neurological problems, however I am praying that will not be the case.

I am obviously still very upset at that bully-dentist who did this to me. :cry: However, I am hoping the baby I lost at 10 weeks actually pulled a lot of that particular exposure out of my system.
If I lose this baby, I will then finish the removal and Chelate. I had also found a lot of information on elevated BPA contributing to m/c and even though my dentist (Dr. Young) uses BPA free composites, he says that they do create BPA cousins in your body . . .

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I totally mis-interpreted your post. And I have occasionally seen people say they didn't want to chelate due to health concerns, which is interesting because I am chelating for both my short- and my long-term health.

I saw your other posts.

I think there are other choices between the two you mention. I think a person could have all their amalgams removed and assuming they're not deeply ill, just wait for maybe 12+ months and any child they conceived after that wouldn't get more mercury than if they still had the amalgams, but slowly, over time, the lowered exposure would be significant for mom. I'm finding that to be thorough, and (maybe especially this) given other life constraints, chelating is taking 1.5-2 years. I think it could be done faster if there weren't small children involved, or if they were in a particular supportive environment, but for us the stresses on all of us (DH and the 2 kids) have made things go slower.

And everyone
can learn about nutrients needed to support our innate detox pathways so that our bodies work better, and maybe figure out some things they, in particular, need more of vs the typical person out there. But that's the nerdy me talking.

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Any ideas on what I should do given that I am pregnant now? <3 I think just try not to disturb them by agressive chewing/gum chewing, etc, hope & pray? I am thinking I could also maybe see an accupuncturist?

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There's really a wide variability in how our bodies deal with heavy metals. I suck, DH is great, and a good portion of that is genetic. We can each do better by providing enough nutrients, but his body seems to preferentially use nutrients for detox pathways and mine for other stuff.

I'd think about folate, B12, magnesium, B vitamins in general, zinc, and selenium (from food and supps). Think about your health history, what type of stuff are you, and your family in general, prone to? I think that's a big part of what you can do now.

The stuff I know about for not mobilizing more mercury is stuff like avoiding chewing gum, not drinking really hot beverages, don't eat cilantro (whether you avoid completely or just don't consume lots is up to you).

If you want something to protect against daily exposures, modifilan is a seaweed product that my HCP recommends for daily use. I took it while nursing and it didn't negatively affect my son, and I was giving him a lot of supps, so I could see if his circulating toxins went up even though he didn't get enough to cause behavioral changes. I give modifilan to the kids too, it's nice stuff. 3/day before breakfast is what my HCP recommends on an ongoing basis.

The biggest chunk of toxins our kids get, IME, isn't due to what we're exposed to during pregnancy (barring a big, nasty exposure like you had--which I think would cause problems for anyone, regardless of how they detoxify mercury--it's just too darn much circulating, I don't think it implies you're brewing a health problem like I've got), it's how much we've accumulated through our lifetimes. I didn't do anything unusual or risky when pregnant, but both my kids got a whopping dose of metals and crap because it was stored up in my body. So to some extent, do the best you can to eat well, consider appropriate supplementation, don't go play with nasty household cleaners, and then it's out of your hands.
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