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Advice wanted, 3y.o. wants to wear undies...

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I need your advice. Spam me!

My friends daughter is peeing in the bed but only wants to wear undies to bed and thru out the day. "no more diapers, i'm big girl" she said.
Are there any training pants w/o pul, absorbant, and trim like undies??? Any cute print one?? She does not want to pay or $18 a pair. TIA

Btw - she is a skinny almost 3 year old
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bump any1
Everything I can think of has a waterproof barrier....

http://www.naturalbabies has some, but I think all have some kind of waterproofness/
waterproof barrier if fine (like fleece or wool). I just think PUL will be too much like a diaper. What do you think??

PUL suggestions are welcome, too
What about the gerber trainers with wool on top?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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