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advise for my nephew

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Okay, so I have been thinking about writing a letter to my SIL about my nephew. I just found out that he only has until he is 20 to have any legal recourse about his circumcision. He is 17 1/2 now. He was left intact as a baby, but at age 6 was circumcized due to "recurrent UTIs." Now, there may be more that I don't know about the situation, of course. BUT - I do want to write a letter to SIL to let her know that he may possibly have legal options. Although, I guess I'm not sure if he does since his circumcision was "medically necessary." I'm not too worried about writing the letter, because I can be very gentle and tactful, so hopefully I can write it in such a way that she won't feel judged and get angry. We have a pretty good relationship. I know that she and her husband made the decision based on the advise of their physician and felt they were doing the best thing for their son, so I am not judging her. I'd like to write a very informed letter though, so I don't sound like some crazy zealot! (Okay, so maybe I am a crazy zealot, but whatever....
) Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
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There is no proof that being intact is related to UTI. Treatment for UTI is antibiotic not circ. So the dr was indeed negligent in recommending circ for this issue. What would the dr have done if it was a little girl getting repeat UTI's?? You can bet $$ that he wouldnt have cut off body parts
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Yes, that is absolutely true. I'm just wondering if it is a "standard of care" kind of thing, KWIM???

Check if the UTIs vanished right away after the procedure, I very much doubt that they did. If the surgery thus had no affect and they ended up using drugs anyway (as they should have done in the first place) then he probably has a pretty strong case.
Here is what I found out.


Originally Posted by Frank
No, it is not a "standard of care." Would they have circumcised a girl under the same circumstances? Of course not and if they can address this issue in a girl, they can address them in a boy. Its the same pathogens and boys will respond to the same treatment as girls and will respond equally to the treatment.

Most likely he grew out of the problem causing the UTIs. That's the most common thing and if the UTIs ended, they would have ended anyway. However, circumcision gets the credit for boys and would never have gotten the credit for girls.

He needs to get his medical records and find out how many bouts of UTIs there were and if there were any after the circumcision and what other means of cure were tried if any. He needs to see if there was a VCUG test or ultra sound and what medications were tried. Most of all, he needs a lawyer who has a lot of experience in these cases like Steven Svoboda, John Geisheker or David Llewellyn. This will be a difficult case. The defendant will claim the circumcision provided a cure if there were no more UTIs and that will be hard to refute for a lawyer who doesn't have vast experience. He also needs to have the case filed in the court before his 20th birthday so there is no time to waste.
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That post was really helpful. Thanks for digging that out for me. I'm going to try and write the letter tomorrow. I'll let you guys know if I ever have any response.
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