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I haven't gotten my period since February. I think it's just fine with me, but when it came up in conversation with my doctor, she got worried and sent me to an ob/gyn. My appointment is Wednesday.

I'm just wanting to go in a bit informed.

Here's the situation:
I gave birth November 30, 2004.
I had pp bleeding for about 5 weeks, then periods every 2-3 weeks.
In March of 05 I had an IUD put in (the copper kind, not hormonal)
I had spotting the next day and a period like 2 weeks later.
Then my periods stopped for several months. (Again, I wasn't worried. I was still breastfeeding and thought I was just finally getting a break.)
I got normal (4 week) periods for about 4-5 months. They were VERY light.
Then, in February they just stopped.

NO I'm not pregnant!

The nurse I talked to said that it COULD be that the lining is building up but not being shed and could lead to cancer. This obviously has me more than a little freaked out. I'm still breastfeeding 1 time per day.

Any thoughts on what it could be?

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Personally, I would get the IUD removed. I'm really a big fan of charting and being totally aware of my cycle so I know when my fertile days are.
are you **** BFing? that can delay menstruation
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