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I just thought I'd share the "success" of someone who advocated for breastfeeding long ago:

Today I took my son to his first dental visit. I'd gotten the recommendation for the pediatric dentist from someone at a LLL area conference so I knew going into it that he was pro-breastfeeding (and I also knew from Googling him to get the office # that he'd written a bit for New Beginnings). But it's one thing to know that someone is "pro-breastfeeding" and another to experience a great big "way to go, Mom!" pep talk like I received at the meeting. This dentist is even helping to write the new BFing-and-dental-health guidelines.

So, what made him into someone who's so gung-ho about the subject? A LLL Leader (& patient's mom) years ago brought in some must-know information... and then he kept looking into it more and more. Now he steers dental students into being pro-breastfeeding as well.

Anyway, I just thought it was an inspiring story about what advocacy can do.
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