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I just moved from sunny Florida to PA this past fall, and am missing green things! lol

I found an Aerogarden mini-6 at aerogardenoutlet for $60 and really want to use organic seeds and fertilizer. I would ideally like to get some plants started that I can transfer to a greenhouse, and then the garden once it's warm enough here.

I know these aren't super NFL, but this unit was far cheaper than other kits I've been able to find. And it's so expensive to get your hands on organic greens, here, and they're not so great. And herbs or tomatoes, forget it!
$5 a pack for greens, and we use 2+ a week, so I think I can make my money back in savings from growing our own fairly quick.

So I'm trying to rationalize the splurge by making it into a little organic veggie plant starting factory. I did find some info on transplanting the seedlings, but I wonder if anyone can recommend a good, organic fertiizer for use with a hydro system.

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