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af after mirena?

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I had my Mirena removed last Thursday (6 days ago). I woke up bleeding on Saturday morning and bled until Monday night. Before I got pregnant, my periods were 3 days of bleeding and this seemed just like a period. I am also breastfeeding my 12 month old maybe 5-7 times a day. So what do you think? Was the bleeding my first pp af? It just seems so soon after having it removed that I am unsure. I would like to start FAM and charting (to avoid for now) but I don't know if that was a true period or not.
: What was your experience like?
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I would have replied sooner but just saw this- I had my Mirena taken out last Dec, began bleeding the next day. My doc said removal can trigger your period, which I don't exactly understand. Anyway I wasn't sure until the next month when I got AF at exactly 28 days. Also began ovulating (well surging anyway, using OPKs). Good luck!
I did something similar. I had it taken out, started bleeding the next day (first PPAF) and had flow for 4 days, shorter than what my normal periods were.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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