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AF back at 8 1/2 weeks PP??!

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So, with my first baby I didn't get PP AF back until he was almost 7 months old. I am now tandem nursing my toddler and my baby who is almost 2 months old. AND I've started bleeding.... is this REALLY my period coming back? If so, YIKES!!!! Anyone else in this boat?

Think it will affect my milk supply?
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Can't say for sure. Could be a bit of PP bleeding making a comeback. I bled one time a few weeks after my initial stuff stopped. But I do know that w/ my own dd (my 1st) I looked so forward to no AF because of nursing for a good long while and at 3 mos. BAM!! There it was like clock work. Now with ds it was 6 mos. So I guess it varies alot between people. HTH!
I had some weird PP bleeding three months after ds was born. He's now over ten months old and no sign of AF yet! There is a drawback, though: I grew a moustach.
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I got AF back 8 weeks pp with my first, and it was and remained heavier than it had ever been in my life. I'm nearing 8 weeks pp with this baby and starting to feel pms-ee. Oh, and I was and am bfing. The no or light AF thing doesn't always apply!
Its probably just starting pp bleeding again. I bled on and off for many weeks. You might be doing too much. Try cutting back for a few days and see if that helps.
Possibly, but don't get too upset yet. I was so upset when AF came back at EXACTLY 6 weeks (we EBF). Then, not again until a couple weeks ago. Even now I'm not too sure what to think. Hey, I'm fine with a 4 month cycle!
Oh gosh, this is all good to hear... I was hoping that even if it was AF I would be really irregular and maybe not have it again for several months. When I got it back with DS 1 it was light, but remained regular until I conceived DD at one year. I also got terribly sore nips during ovulation. That hasn't happened yet, luckily, since we're not being safe... iykwim.

Sounds like even if it is AF I might still get a few months break.

And yeah, it could be a little PP bleeding coming back, but it seems different and I feel sort of achey. It's just soooo weird.

I hope I avoid the moustache.
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I bled off and on for over 12 weeks. it would stop, then start up again.

I hated it.

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